[vtkusers] Writing CMake file for VTK+CUDA project

Chuck Atkins chuck.atkins at kitware.com
Mon Jun 27 14:20:45 EDT 2016

Hi Reza,

> find_package(CUDA REQUIRED)
>     message("CUDA found!")
> else()
>     message("CUDA not found, doing something alternatively")
> endif()

The if(CUDA_FOUND) is redundant since the REQUIRED argument to find_package
will generate a fatal error if not found.  If you want to be able to have
two different configurations, one found and one not found, then just remove
the REQUIRED from find_package(CUDA).


Rather than explicitly force the CXX flags, there's more compiler agnostic
ways to address this:


instead of forcing the flag, let CMake do the work for you.  Just set the
CXX_STANDARD=11 property on the resulting target and CMake will know how to
set the correct flag.


 Use add_definitions(-D_FORCE_INLINES).  The end effect is the same but it
does a better job of propagating target usage requirements under the hood.


Ideally you should keep the host and device code seperate.  That way the
CUDA compiler is only used for actual CUDA code and your host compiler
deals with the rest.

> I am using CUDA 7.5, VTK 7.0.0 and CMake 3.6.0. Here is the source.cu. It
> is basically combination of VTK Hello World example (Rendering a Cylinder)
> and vectorAdd.cu in CUDA samples and both are working separately.

> What are my mistakes that VS12 cannot find includes of VTK in my codes
You're missing a call to CUDA_INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES to pass them to the
separate CUDA compiler

> Generally, how do we write a CMake code when we want to combine CUDA and
> VTK?
Putting it all together, we get:

cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.3)

find_package(VTK REQUIRED)

find_package(CUDA REQUIRED)


set(CUDA_NVCC_FLAGS ${CUDA_NVCC_FLAGS} --gpu-architecture sm_20)

// The following is ONLY necessary if your CDA code is actually including

CUDA_ADD_EXECUTABLE(Test cylinder.cxx vectorAdd.cu)
target_link_libraries(Test ${VTK_LIBRARIES})
set_target_properties(Test PROPERTIES CXX_STANDARD 11)

Hope that helps,
- Chuck
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