[vtkusers] PVTS, Multiblock or Both

Philip Sakievich psakievich at gmail.com
Tue Dec 13 10:21:27 EST 2016


I am reasonably new to vtk and I am mainly using it to manage datasets on
structured grids.

I am trying to write data for a structured grid in parallel python via
MPI.  Each process has a separate portion of the grid, and I'm trying to
figure out how to set up the write process. I was following this example:


But then I realized that in this case each process has the entire grid, and
each processor is just writing a portion of the data it contains.  So do I
need to use a multiblock data set?  Can someone please provide a simple
example of how to write a structured grid in parallel provided each process
has the local extent correctly specified?


Phil Sakievich

PhD Candidate - Mechanical Engineering
Arizona State University - Ira A. Fulton School for Engineering of Matter
Transport and Energy
Tempe, Arizona
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