[vtkusers] Version mismatch in Python bindings?

Andrea Gavana andrea.gavana at gmail.com
Wed Dec 7 10:57:37 EST 2016

Dear VTK users,

    I have downloaded the official VTK 7.1 binaries with Python bindings
from the VTK website, at this address:


Notice the 7.1 in the name. This is the only installation of VTK I have on
my machine. Also, from the attached screenshot, please notice that the DLLs
on my system have a "7.1" label attached.

However, when I import vtk in my system I get this:

>>> import vtk
>>> vtk
<module 'vtk' from 'C:\Python27\lib\site-packages\vtk\__init__.pyc'>
>>> version = vtk.vtkVersion()
>>> version.GetVTKVersion()
>>> version.GetVTKMajorVersion(), version.GetVTKMinorVersion()
(7, 0)
>>> version.GetVTKSourceVersion()
'vtk version 7.0.0'

Am I doing something wrong or is it possible that there is a version
mismatch in the Python bindings? It's of course not an issue, I just wanted
to check if my setup was broken or not...

Thank you.

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