[vtkusers] Qt-based VTK app shows black image content if VTK is linked statically

Sophonet vtk12af6bc42 at kant.sophonet.de
Wed Aug 3 14:05:31 EDT 2016

Hi list,

recently, I have been working on a Qt application (using VTK 
functionality in the main .exe and a bunch of underlying DLLs).

If VTK is built dynamically, the application behaves as expected.

However, if VTK is built statically (and - obviously - the application 
and underlying DLLs are then built using the static libraries of VTK), 
some content (vtkImageSlice) is missing in the render window, i.e. does 
not appear at all. Other parts (e.g. vtkPolyData) are shown correctly.

Anyone knows how to fix this? If possible, I would like to do static 
linking of VTK.



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