[vtkusers] Activiz 6.2 with VTK-6.2 and .NET 4.0 Build Success

Mark DeArman mark at cascadeacoustic.com
Mon Sep 14 01:36:47 EDT 2015

Yes, if you do the entire build with VS2008, most likely you will need to 
patch nothing except for those library inputs and those PInvoke signatures 
which I emailed you, 
 All the other patches to mummy and activiz had to do with .NET 4.0 
compatibility and Intel C++.
 Image of the sample running :-)
  Mark DeArman
 Cascade Acoustic Research
 (253) 200-5353


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Subject: Re: [vtkusers] Activiz 6.2 with VTK-6.2 and .NET 4.0 Build Success 

Hi Mark,  

I will spin up an Azure VM this week to try compile Activiz 6.2  

I will let you know how it goes, if doesnt work well I will contact you.  


Matias  On Sep 14, 2015 2:19 AM, "Mark DeArman" <mark at cascadeacoustic.com> 
wrote:   I finally finished patching and testing the build.
 VTK-6.2 built with Intel C++ 14.0
 Activiz 6.2 built with .NET 4.0
 Mummy 1.0.3 built with .NET 4.0
 If anyone else is having trouble getting this working, feel free to get in 
contact with me, I can send you my patched source directories.  This is my 
first experience with CMake, and I've got to say it sure made things a 
 The only thing which drove me nuts was the number of times a full rebuild 
got triggered after patching individual source files.  I wish the 
maintainers would remove the gccxml/mummy generate functions from the 
configure step, and just make it another build step.
  I hope I can get more involved with the project but I've got a lot of 
learning to do before I'd feel comfortable in CMake.
  Mark DeArman
 Cascade Acoustic Research
 (253) 200-5353

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