[vtkusers] Activiz 6.2 VTK OpenGL2

Mark DeArman mark at cascadeacoustic.com
Sat Sep 12 00:09:49 EDT 2015

I am building Activiz 6.2 from source right now.  Everything has gone 
pretty well, or as well as any type of large build like this ever goes on 
Windows.  I'm down to the last couple of errors to sort out in linking 
against my VTK build.
 Something to do with AUTOINIT
 error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "void __cdecl 
 Anyway, that really isn't my question.  I built VTK with the default 
OpenGL renderer.  Then as I was searching for clues on this error I started 
reading about the OpenGL2 renderer.  Is this supported with Activiz?  Has 
anyone tried it?  I'm a little worried that if I go back and spend all the 
time to get it working, there might be some issues hosting the content 
inside a WPF window.
 Thanks in advance,
  Mark DeArman
 Cascade Acoustic Research
 (253) 200-5353

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