[vtkusers] Missing pixel with vtkPolyDataMapper2D and vtkCoordinate

Xabi Riobe xabivtk at gmail.com
Tue Jun 30 12:18:51 EDT 2015


I want to display a plane as a background.
For that i have in a vtkActor2D a vtkPolyDataMapper2D filled with a
vtkPlaneSource going from 0,0,0 to 1,1,1
I add to the mapper a vtkCoordinate with

with that, everything seems fine and i don't have to take care of it when
my view is resized.

but if i put some color on it and look at it carefully i can see an extra
line and column of black pixels

I looked at the code of vtkCoordinate and vtkViewport and the combination
of the coordinates transformations leads to a final size of the polygon
rendered 1 pixel short in both x and y directions.

Is this considered a normal behaviour due to the computation involved, or
is it definitively a bug?

A quick workaround is to set my plane source a little bit larger, but for
future features of my app, i would need the exact size...

Thanks for any comments/suggestions
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