[vtkusers] Rendering Text - vtkTextActor and AddActor2D - Crash

Ram Sampath ram at centroidpic.com
Tue Jun 30 09:54:25 EDT 2015

Thank you for the response.

Sorry the problem was on my end . I was including the vtkRenderingFreeType library in the linkage but I missed to include the line  VTK_MODULE_INIT(vtkRenderingFreeType).


are the modules  which were needed by my code to make it work.

Thank you very much.


On Jun 30, 2015, at 6:39 AM, David Lonie <david.lonie at kitware.com> wrote:

It works for me here. That message means that the vtkRenderingFreeType library isn't being linked to the application. That library provides the default implementation of the vtkTextRenderer interface.

Can you add the line:


to your CMakeLists.txt, rerun cmake, and send us the output? Also, what version of VTK is being used?

On Mon, Jun 29, 2015 at 9:47 PM, Ram Sampath <ram at centroidpic.com> wrote:
Hello :

 I am trying to compile and run the vtk hello world with text example 


 and when I run it I get the following error with a crash.
Rendering\Core\vtkTextActor.cxx, line 110
vtkTextActor (0000000003B31F10): Failed getting the TextRenderer instance!

 Has anyone had the same problem before and has a fix ?  It seems like the text renderer is failing on initialize .

Thank you in advance

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