[vtkusers] Compiler error VS2015 RC Community on vtkensightreader.cxx

Sean McBride sean at rogue-research.com
Mon Jun 22 09:45:13 EDT 2015

On Sat, 20 Jun 2015 22:25:35 +0200, Yordan Kyosev said:

>after fixing few errors I got compiled both VTK 6.2.0 and  the git 
>version under VS 2015 RC Community edition as 32 bit / XP toolset
>but the vtkensightreader.cxx causes the compiler to crash.
>The four places, fixed before in order to get it compiled are:
>*   tiffiop.h - >line 58     included <search.h> to avoid  redefinition 
>of lfind   (I know this is not the best solution...)
>*  config.h -> Line 253 change to      #if defined(_MSC_VER) && 
>(_MSC_VER < 1900)
>to avoid  redefinition of _snprintf
>*   vtkWin32ProcessOutputWindows.cxx  -> Line 99  does not accept the 
>PRIDword, some casting is required,
>so changed to  "lu"
>   sprintf(exeName, "vtkWin32OWP_%lu_%p_%u.exe",
>* H5Omtime.c    timezone not known in VC2015
>changed Line 226  -> the_time -= timezone - (tm.tm_isdst?3600:0);
>long *seconds;
>  the_time -= _get_timezone(seconds) - (tm.tm_isdst ? 3600 : 0);
>Some of these are reported, but seems not included in the git version.

Could you create a patch per this process:

That'll make it much easier for developers to review.

>The only one error now is:
>fatal error C1001: Interner Compilerfehler.
>1>  (Compilerdatei "f:\dd\vctools\compiler\utc\src\p2\main.c", Zeile 247)
>1>   Vereinfachen oder ändern Sie das Programm im Umfeld der oben 
>aufgeführten Positionen. Wählen
>1>  Sie im Menü "Hilfe" von Visual C++ den Befehl "Technischer Support",
>1>  oder öffnen Sie die Hilfedatei des technischen Supports, um weitere 
>Informationen zu erhalten.
>Any Idea ?

You should report that one to Microsoft.  Internal Complier Errors are always the fault of the compiler.


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