[vtkusers] "Proper" way to export a scene to X?

Alexandre Dufour adufour at pasteur.fr
Wed Jul 29 13:24:13 EDT 2015


A collaborator of mine would like to load surface mesh (VTK) files produced by our software (Icy) into MeshLab, but it seems VTK files aren’t supported by MeshLab. As a backup solution, I am trying to export the VTK polydata files into other formats (OBJ or X3D) using the various exporter classes, but I’m not sure how to do this the “proper” way.

The vtkExporter class seems to only work with SetInput(vtkRenderWindow), which seems a bit weird if the meshes are not being displayed in a window. The documentation seems to agree with me by stating that "These methods are provided for backward compatibility. Will disappear soon.”

Any ideas?

Alexandre @ VTK 6.1 via Java 6
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