[vtkusers] Announce: vtk 6.3.0 release candidate 1 is ready

Ben Boeckel ben.boeckel at kitware.com
Fri Jul 24 15:07:54 EDT 2015

The VTK developement team is happy to announce that VTK 6.3 has entered
the release candidate stage!

You can find the source, data, and new vtkpython binary packages here:


Please try this version of VTK and report any issues to the list or the
bug tracker so that we can try to address them before VTK 6.3.0 final.

The official release notes will be available when VTK final is released
in the next few weeks. In the meantime here is a preview:

  - new OpenMP backend for vtkSMPTools;
  - new MPI-IO backend for PLOT3D reader;
  - new vtkPlotArea for rendering area (or range) plots;
  - multithreaded Gaussian splatter class;
  - multithreading support in the vtkSampleFunction;
  - compiler uplifts: gcc-4.1 and Visual Studio 2008 or newer are
  - the Piston and Dax accelerator modules are deprecated;
  - writing side and node sets in Exodus files;
  - skip NaN values in vtkDataArray::GetRange();
  - reading compressed TIFF files with sub-extents;
  - support for OpenGL 3.2 in the (still experimental, but much less so)
    OpenGL2 backend;
  - text rendering now respects the DPI of the vtkWindow;
  - vtkAxis respects the TileScale setting of vtkWindow;

And many bug fixes across the codebase.

We hope you enjoy this release of VTK! As always, contact Kitware and
the mailing lists for assistance.


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Aashish Chaudhary <aashish.chaudhary at kitware.com> (41):
      57e88c1 Maximize or minimize each component for independent components
      8449d38 Fixed additive blending for independent components
      1a9bf2c Added initial support for 2 and 3 components
      f965f01 Fixed style
      4f1b234 Fixed bad switch case
      51af002 Compute the range correctly when dealing with 2-3 components
      f43b21b Keep the comments in the final shader string
      0267974 Added support for dependent components
      0e116ee Match tokens with method names
      763a34b Fixing shader for 2 & 3 component
      f1560bd Fixed dependent component test failing
      cf8933f Fix GL extensions not reported on Mac OpenGL2 context
      68696e8 Reset active texture to texture 0
      50f28ce Saving and restoring GL state
      921f8ae Fixed comment
      157cbce Clamp texture unit to 0 and GL_MAX_TEXTURE_IMAGE_UNITS
      0c0e6fe Fixed accessing invalid texture unit manager
      4b16378 Using a consistent style within a method
      77cafc5 Compute light position only once
      64a5d18 Optimize lighting code some more
      0951daa Reset number of lights
      b19c903 Some more optimizations for better performance
      29d82b5 Respect interpolation type set on volume property
      e79e082 Fixed invalid variable names used for gradient computation
      46a99ec Fixed check on interpolation type
      a4f6ac2 Updated default interpolation type for test
      8b6889e Fixed style
      501b9e5 Added check on when to update volume parameters
      a2f1b5f Do not update light parameters if shading is OFF
      ed6d37a Fixed compiler warning
      65bcee5 Some more optimizations
      921a22e Do not compute color if opacity is zero
      6d4e699 Updated code to new computeColor signature
      298d5a8 Avoid computation of fragment world position repeatedly
      4fa1bd3 Fixed failing VTK tests
      ab7e903 Removed debug message
      938c879 Fixed issues with interactive volume rendering
      a5890e6 Fixed styles and added notes
      5df033a Fixed ReductionFactor not initialized that was causing tests to hangup
      20b2a4a Added alternate baseline with jitter for GL2
      f95de30 Updated test to new ivar to turn off auto adjust sample distance

Andras Lasso <lasso at queensu.ca> (1):
      d307b83 BUG: Fixed vtkImageReslice HitInputExtent update

Andrew Bauer <andy.bauer at kitware.com> (6):
      4c8af46 Fix for bad cached cell id for flow path filters.
      76c2b85 Particle path fixes.
      a002739 Getting rid of unused variable warning in release builds.
      b8ce5c3 Fixed memory issue and reinject frequency counter.
      bdf2e02 Adding in piece information for XMLPMultiBlockDataWriter.
      56f0d7e Fix issue if there aren't any blocks.

Andrew Maclean <andrew.amaclean at gmail.com> (20):
      5637ce6 Remove the unnecessary find_package command.
      70d3510 Visual Studio 2013 requires the <algorithm> header.
      9349a38 Visual Studio 2013 requires the <algorithm> header.
      8b81b92 A minor fix eliminating a CMP0043 warning.
      23d1d38 Added TestEmptyInput.py
      4a1cec5 Refactoring TestEmptyInput.py
      19a774f Convert TestSetGet from TCL to Python.
      87eb785 Added a new class to exclude.
      14eb327 Missing comma.
      0492d1f Adding another class to exclude in an attempt to fix release mode on OSX.
      7c09e25 Removing two classes in LinuxExceptions.
      713bb57 Adding back some classes to the exception list.
      c49a214 Test - see if vtkView as a friend is causing failures.
      9425e69 Reverting
      10084b6 Reverting
      c136c15 A patch from Utkarsh
      ef5e00b These scripts only run using Python 2.6 or greater.
      22e17c5 Display information about the VTK test folders.
      3a65a45 Converted more Tcl scripts to Python.
      7fb2289 BUG: This import is unnecessary.

Arnaud Gelas <arnaudgelas at gmail.com> (1):
      fae5f10 Fix typo in FindTBB.cmake which makes it impossible to use TBB on MacOSX

Ben Boeckel <ben.boeckel at kitware.com> (35):
      a701e9c windows: compile the vtkpython.rc file separately
      b144b68 vtkpython: avoid vtkpythonrc hack in Visual Studio
      4265bc0 docs: add buildbot information
      2967cbb docs: buildbot label is no more
      8d04f57 python: silence warnings about round redefinition
      eaa25b5 vtkMPICommunicator: check for 2.0
      89fb55e java: remove screamake and quote paths
      1175385 java: refactor out writing paths to the file
      9593e16 java: quote arguments
      9792dc2 java: add missing java files
      118d9b7 python: add the generated files to the list as well
      7c6acd1 freetype: update baselines to support freetype 2.5.3
      55db776 testing: set PROCESSORS property for MPI tests
      b5fc340 FindJsonCpp: add version detection
      ecc6715 ThirdParty: add minimum version support
      80f3f3d jsoncpp: mark that 0.7.0 is the minimum version
      1b35883 vtkFFMPEGWriter: conditionalize a GCC pragma
      dae8b1b FindJsonCpp: fix typo in regex
      e57d5aa JsonCpp: the VERSION_VAR is a separate signature
      ee83098 QVTKWidget2: call the direct parent class
      c0ac4f1 QVTKWidget2: use Superclass typedef internally
      1cf2f9b doxygen: generate SVG images
      f3450ca vtkRAdapter: move R_NO_REMAP to the header
      36b7d40 mpi4py: strip trailing whitespace from the include dir
      5b0f6ab typos: fix 'writting' -> 'writing'
      ea06eda vtkWin32ProcessOutputWindow: fix string literal
      a7c2dd7 vtkXMLUnstructuredDataWriter: also check for string output
      5ad33c5 qtgraphicsview: remove unused vtkgl.h includes
      d9ac721 vtkGenericOpenGLRenderWindow: add PushState/PopState methods
      6e14fa7 QVTKGraphicsItem: support the OpenGL2 backend
      bba39d5 vtkOpenGLRenderUtilities: move Render{Quad,Triangle}
      1650168 IOXML: add test for outputting to a string
      a32d553 modules: use the export name for the file
      46f1b60 Testing: fix unused variable warnings
      2166c06 FiltersStatisticsGnuR: fix R_NO_REMAP juggling

Berk Geveci <berk.geveci at kitware.com> (14):
      ba37dcd Fixed issue with vtkPointSet::FindCell().
      e5b3e47 Impoved check for ascii file in PLOT3D reader.
      38fd595 Fixed compiler warning
      6c510c6 Initial point data support in AMR base reader
      4c3491b Added point array support to vtkAMRBaseReader
      34d5b0745 Moved Plot3D reader to IO/Parallel.
      2e541e5 Making the Plot3D reader parallel.
      1c0cfb9 Improved ghost array generation.
      0027efa Do not rexecute based on ghosts for serial execution
      9c1667f Do not override DATA_NUMBER_OF_GHOST_LEVELS() unnecesarily.
      5f15c59 Cleaned up error handling in plot3d reader.
      005e70d Fixed warnings.
      d91ecf9 BUG: Was using the wrong extent in computation.
      f4126e3 Fixed bug with loading 2D or ASCII datasets in parallel.

Bill Hoffman <bill.hoffman at kitware.com> (1):
      56db190 Use Qt5 COMPNENTS in find_package instead of finding each package directly.

Bill Lorensen <bill.lorensen at gmail.com> (18):
      d59d439 COMP: Member template function use on Mac
      bc10e20 COMP: Member template function use on Mac
      f7106e4 ENH: Modernize RIBExporter and RIBProperty
      26a1b4c COMP: Memory leak in new test
      d8ae26c ENH: define VTK_MAXPATH
      bf855f4 COMP: Typo causes compile error
      5316177 COMP: Memory leak in vtkOBJImporter
      45fe62d STYLE: OBJImporter style
      cf1d561 COMP: Adjust fuzzy compare tolerance
      ad0192a COMP: Adjust fuzzy compare tolerance for scalar divide
      2663daa BUG: PentagonalPrism bug
      b052d7b COMP: TestPentagonalPrism mempry leak
      8044bf4 ENH: Unit Test for Linear, Quadratic and BiQuadratic Cells
      6890ae4 ENH: Remove unused tcl tests
      69ff5a0 ENH: Restore Common/DataModel Cxx tests
      1531bc3 BUG: Missing data file
      1491288 ENH: Removed unused vtkExplicitCell
      ef927f0 ENH: Remote module capability

Brad King <brad.king at kitware.com> (45):
      b7daff9 setup-stage: Optionally reconfigure topic stage
      d2d17f5 setup-gerrit: Allow ssh-only repo URLs
      c950cd6 setup-stage: Allow 'url' without 'pushurl'
      ac271ab Tell Git how to check GitSetup config files
      341043c Add 'git-gerrit-push' script
      e848bb0 setup-hooks: Create .git hooks directory if necessary
      80ace5f Avoid bash history expansion in developer setup scripts
      ba82ebc ExternalData: Allow local stores without any URL templates
      2943e4f ExternalData: Add support for custom download scripts
      2acd7ec ExternalData: Add support for custom algorithm-to-URL mapping
      71aa0ce ExternalData: Update documentation to match CMake copy
      cd49e59 git-gerrit-push: Refine topic name validation
      e7e0682 git-gerrit-push: Append topic to refspecs instead of overwriting
      30ff0dc git-gerrit-push: Avoid bash history expansion
      40f508c git-gerrit-push: Fetch 'master' before checking refspecs
      51a0143 Add 'setup-upstream' script to help users configure preferred upstream
      a595712 Add 'setup-gitlab' script to configure GitLab access
      35e3b8d Add 'git-gitlab-push' script to help users push to their GitLab fork
      95495ff git-gitlab-push: Print follow-up instructions and links for user
      0f226a5 git-gitlab-push: Keep user fork 'master' up to date if possible
      0227465 git-gitlab-push: Document options on multiple lines in usage
      a687ee2 git-gitlab-push: Require a '--force' option to force-push the topic
      370a7eb Teach our 'git-gitlab-push' script to push ExternalData content
      98ecd48 Drop mention of Gerrit from instructions in third-party README files
      ac802c7 Disable gerrit-push and stage aliases
      b1a0f22 Switch developer setup to use the GitLab workflow
      328cb75 Tell Git how to check Markdown (.md) source files
      9f088f0 Documentation: Add VTK Git instructions
      8c49fc0 CONTRIBUTING: Update for GitLab workflow
      ef92e52 README.md: Add document introducing VTK and linking to resources
      8b49512 README.html: Remove out-dated document
      2f89fb5 Documentation: Revise Merge Request creation instructions
      0bd3fbd Documentation: Add links to GitLab markdown documentation
      7651b7b Documentation: Revise Git development docs to mention fork step
      cbe8ad6 setup-upstream: Tolerate lack of existing upstream pushurl
      afeb020 Report developer setup-upstream failure explicitly
      49ce42f CONTRIBUTING: Restore link to dev/git/README.md document
      6f89705 Documentation: Explain how to keep a GitLab fork `master` in sync
      4e066e0 Documentation: Explain to reviewers how to fetch Merge Request changes
      8485843 Fix 'git-gitlab-push' ExternalData push for duplicate objects
      ab5456f Documentation: Update required Git version to 1.7.2
      30c437a Documentation: Define reviewer vote shortcuts and meanings
      78012ba KWSys: Tell Git not to export .gitattributes
      997b34f Add vtkPeriodicDataArray to list of sources in its module
      230948e vtkhdf5: Suppress VS 2015 assertion failure popup during try_run

Burlen Loring <bloring at lbl.gov> (1):
      d2582c6 buffering issue in vtkweb

Chris Harris <chris.harris at kitware.com> (3):
      39fedcd Wait for resize notification in SetSize(...)
      30eedf0 Revert "Wait for resize notification in SetSize(...)"
      2ea3f61 vtkWeb: Ensure that we get the image size requested

Chuck Atkins <chuck.atkins at kitware.com> (1):
      56454c5 ADIOS: Remove block-index calculations to use new APIs

Cory Quammen <cory.quammen at kitware.com> (14):
      e0f018c Added vtkPolyLineSource
      9ac195f Added vtkPolyLineRepresentation and vtkPolyLineWidget
      e52e1b4 Added base class for representations of curves
      eab3e38 Tests for vtkPolyLine{Widget,Source,Representation}
      43a9b05 Added checking for NULL pointer in a few locations
      dac748a BUG 15365: Fixed crash in function called from multiple threads
      67122e8 BUG: Fixed error in area-weighted normal
      e2cd069 Initialized all member variables in vtkCurveRepresentation
      c673bee Various fixes for vtkPolyLine{Source,Representation}
      df922af Initialized test values
      8cc3d7a BUG: added output points precision for structured grids
      882dfbf Added test for vtkDataSetSurfaceFilter
      13aa55c BUG: Direct scalar coloring with string arrays caused crash
      e61a328 Move table resizing out of core mapping routine

Dan Lipsa <dan.lipsa at kitware.com> (42):
      4b1dbe9 Solve warnings on the ICC compiler.
      4dee027 Redesign "vtkGhostLevels" arrays and related ghost functionalties.
      bc0f56f Fix warnings.
      156f895 Solve windows warnings.
      66a9834 Remove warning when a array name for labeling is not found.
      f9b5404 Use previous version for XML files if there is no vtkGhostType array.
      f0a6f29 BUG #15199: EnSightReader does not crash if you change CaseFileName
      46bde59 VTK XML files are saved using previous version if possible.
      4834510 Update documentation for save VTK XML using previous version.
      bbcecbe BUG: Fix valgrind complaint about uninitialised values.
      8491ed5 BUG: Blanked cell is marked as a blanked point.
      69198ba ENH: Remove legacy code from before vtk-6.1 (2014-01-21)
      f48e262 ENH: Add GatherV for vtkDataObjects
      496947d BUG: Mismatch between # of points and # of tcoords results in segfault
      784b5c5 BUG: XMLMultiBlockDataWriter always pointed to vtp files.
      1aa9f59 BUG: Add additional baselines to deal # of digits in exponent.
      9dff41c BUG: Fix uninitialized values that caused segfault.
      5f3f8d0 BUG: Skiped a number when adding a baseline.
      741f7c5 BUG: Skipped a number when adding a baseline.
      8ff2926 BUG: Test passed because two wrongs made it right.
      de18c2e ENH: Ghost changes documentation update.
      826f7a4 BUG: Fix initialization and typo problems.
      76acfea BUG: Enable vtkFiltersSourcesPython-squadViewer only if Module_vtkRenderingTk
      1d4eb79 BUG: vtkTestingInteractor cannot create timers which results in errors.
      5ddf702 BUG: Fix link warnings for static build on windows.
      7d6f8f1 BUG: Teach ImageSlice and ImageSliceMapper to deal with empty slices
      d12e800 BUG: InteractorEventRecorder bug results warning about passive observer.
      cdd2e19 BUG: Fix test volume of interest to match data extents
      6fad8fe ENH: TestChangeInformation does not print error message.
      5693e5f BUG: Fix warning 'Resetting view-up since view plane normal is parallel'
      7f7eb20 BUG: Fix warning 'Resetting view-up since view plane normal is parallel'
      04fbdbb BUG: This fixes a valgrind complaint.
      fe7c638 BUG: We need a Renderer for HasTranslucentPolygonalGeometry
      2a3dcbd BUG: Fix version for ghost documentation.
      96baf8e BUG: Get rid of error printouts from TestRIBExporter
      59b354c BUG: Replace deprecated functions.
      f905347 BUG: vtkProbeFilter stored state which did not work for multi-block data.
      50e3767 BUG: Initialize grids before adding them to the AMR dataset.
      812cacd BUG: Test basic representation after you setup the object
      4e531cd ENH: CanReadFile does not fail for newer file version.
      70cb8dd ENH: Move test that discovers inconsistent structured grids in an AMR grid.
      2331d5e BUG: Fix uninitialized value.

Dave DeMarle <dave.demarle at kitware.com> (3):
      3bec6b5 Increment version to VTK 6.3.0
      b8d8b4e fix no newline comp warning
      45aaa13 expose texture so manta can intercept

David C. Lonie <david.lonie at kitware.com> (59):
      a36b64f Enable freetype tests when matplotlib is not found.
      71396ea Use a default text property in the labeled contour mapper.
      4287d0f Don't use offscreen FBOs when multisampling is requested.
      4b4fee9 Disable multisampling in the OSCone test.
      3af3151 Enable MPL tests only if the vtk module is enabled.
      4d07c85 Allow vtkTextActor* to handle empty inputs.
      094258f Account for actor matrix in vtkLabeledContourMapper.
      1d9e3ed Add a debug-only yellow dot at the text alignment point.
      e498377 Ensure that the background is rendered behind the text.
      f5ee8c1 Improve appearance of small-sized mathtext.
      00ec47a Add missing ReleaseGraphicsResources implementation.
      40ee682 Move test file (s/cpp/cxx)
      4eb5c9e Remove unimplemented private method.
      00d87aa Fix transformed contour label placement on OpenGL backend.
      59e5478 Fix kerning on rotated fonts.
      3ad3670 Update sources in chart symbol glyphs.
      e628d29 Add missing ReleaseGraphicsResources implementation.
      6563825 Release actor resources in vtkLegendScaleActor.
      842ab1d Use vtkTextRenderer in the default label render strategy.
      fa76112 Do not set vtkProperties on vtkTextMappers.
      5711379 Fix vtkBiDimensionalRepresentation2D to work with new text mapper.
      fbcf24a Use string width, not length, to determine longest labels.
      25d7412 Remove tcl [info command "rtExMath"] check from test.
      8e045af Print image name on test failure.
      9175559 Update vtkTextMapper's alignment to match current conventions.
      953d3b7 Align to a fixed-height font bbox, rather than a "tight" one.
      4f7460a Remove the RenderingFreeTypeOpenGL module.
      0ac3ec4 Exercise the new default vtkTextMapper implementation.
      1942a72 Update baselines.
      e0ea6f3 Add new baselines for dash3's continuous build.
      06b656e Number baselines consecutively.
      73d88b4 Baselines from nightlies.
      5a0f0db Fix typo/platform issues in GLUT test.
      ca58fe7 Call glewInit() from test to setup GL function pointers.
      6c386da Move PreserveColorBuffer to vtkRenderer.
      e51007d Fix glut header in test.
      b46206e Fix variable type.
      44db5b7 Allow an explicit mapping between tprops and scalars for contour labels.
      7247da0 Update make_pair call to work with newer MSVC.
      061e56d Clean up Rendering/OpenGL2/vtkGenericOpenGLRenWin.
      e3d0653 Remind MSVC that NULL is a pointer. Fix tclPrintOtherTest.
      9e2ac87 Change comment text to use a gentler tone.
      755683e Release shaders after rendering is complete.
      4dbf657 Define missing typedefs.
      db8bf29 Fix typo.
      c8d6551 Add vtkWindow::DetectDPI.
      07e728b Add DPI awareness to text rendering.
      b08abb6 Apply kerning to bounding box calculations.
      c0a20f3 Don't glyph hidden points in vtkGlyph2D.
      2606ebe Mark ticks as dirty when enabling/disabling log scale.
      19736b2 Performance cleanup.
      48b5509 Account for TileScale in RenderWindowToImage filter.
      ef328bc Fix vtkAxis scaling when TileScale is set on the renwin.
      bdf3b4c Defer matplotlib initialization for text rendering.
      784ea23 Update Get macro for paraview parsers.
      fd6c85f Use max(tdx, tdy) to determine string bound scaling...
      f387250 Add a warning if there is not a scene set on the vtkAxis instance.
      75dd5c6 Ensure that input data is synced.
      1118440 Make ScalarBarRepresentation orientation set-able.

David E DeMarle <dave.demarle at kitware.com> (1):
      388428d Fix depth peeling with antialiasing

David Gobbi <david.gobbi at gmail.com> (21):
      bdc156e BUG 15358: Remove inappropriate cast from pointer to long.
      1c68b08 Add the vtkBoundingBox type to the Python wrappers.
      3ecc5e4 Fix Java build, different extensions for file properties.
      88693d2 Allow wrappers to properly support "using" methods.
      df0ebf0 Apply using declarations that hadn't been "used".
      4c490b5 Add missing hints for color conversion methods.
      a8a773b Add virtual data method CopyInformationToPipeline.
      cf446e3 Fix vtkParseMerge uninitialized variable warnings.
      d49c2b3 Allow TestEmptyInput to work with python 2.5.
      5dae245 Fix a null deref when wrapping "using" declarations.
      d3404f4 Enable the "using" declaration in vtkTypedArray.h.
      8c665f6 Fix nifti sform, qform when qfac=-1.
      2a8225b Fix uninitiazed array warning in vtkBSPlineInterpolator.
      a5423ee Put back some Visual Studio 2003 compatibility code.
      a4a1d20 Temporary wrapper fix, pointers to vtkSmartPointer.
      6419591 Code style fixes.
      90dfa37 Allow NIFTI reader and writer to handle planar RGB files.
      3c9d962 Close the DICOM file immediately after reading it.
      32f5e6d Fix blank slices that appear in some TIFF volumes.
      f978e5a Replace the O(n^2) median algorithm with an O(n) one.
      85f46e7 Fix the median computation in vtkImageMedian3D.

Ethan Brodsky <ethan.brodsky at gmail.com> (4):
      abf0892 ENH: Added edge annotations to vtkCornerAnnotation
      d4ce834 CMP: Eliminated warnings relating to for loop iterator scoping
      6e85be4 BUG: Updated test baseline output for edge annotation
      be1c168 ENH: Modified vtkCornerAnnotation testing to improve code coverage

Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin <jchris.fillionr at kitware.com> (3):
      3216198 Maintenance: 'main' function in WhatModulesVTK can now be re-used
      5a4c7f9 Maintenance: Update WhatModulesVTK to support rendering backend
      e6e6737 Do not force manifest selection for vtkhdf5 libraries

Joachim Pouderoux <joachim.pouderoux at kitware.com> (9):
      d7fbc99 Bug #0015217: Fix tet aspect ratio computation.
      f8b7962 Fix filter crash when input data is not temporal
      73b3d40 Add more support of Quadratic Polygon cells.
      6c00664 Fix TessellatorFilter so it does not crash with quadratic polygon cells.
      54f52ce Enhance and optimize Xdmf2 reader and writer to support static meshes.
      5d3c7d6 code cleaning
      7bb9fd4 Fix error with java wrapping
      a5e481d fix header test
      90bd6dc Add test and fix reader

John Tourtellott <john.tourtellott at kitware.com> (6):
      dbd6a64 Apply WRAP_EXCLUDE to the vtkGDAL not vtkGDAL.h
      649bf86 Add return value to vtkPythonInterpreter::RunSimpleString()
      761a643 Add field data to vtkUniformGrid to save GDALDataset NoDataValue
      5e1fc1b Fix indentation and restore empty line
      5c97e44 Move variable declaration inside loop to limit its scope
      bf1cd7e Change iterator from postincrement to preincrement

Julien Finet <julien.finet at kitware.com> (11):
      ed30420 Kill TDX timer when using no WindowHandle
      e230dd6 Add TDX_INCLUDE_DIR CMake variable
      e2c265e Add multitouch support to QVTKWidget and QVTKWidget2
      e8eab5f Add support for drawing multiple line segments
      4dcaa29 Add vtkPlot::Selectable
      f7788b1 Add vtkPlotBag::BagVisible
      b6947ee Fix crash in vtkPlotHistogram2D
      67221cf Exposes vtkHighestDensityRegionStatistics::ComputeHDR() to the public API
      90f01a5 Fix unsorted range error in vtkChartSelectionHelper::BuildSelection
      3de2198 Fix compilation by adding DrawLines() to OpenGL context devices
      8cffe7a Fix unsafe mix of bool and int types

Julien Jomier <julien.jomier at kitware.com> (1):
      a0a1fda BUG: Internal title box should be initialized

KWSys Robot <kwrobot at kitware.com> (3):
      ce26403 KWSys 2015-04-16 (1ea01a46)
      b27579e KWSys 2015-04-19 (4f39791b)
      d9dea80 KWSys 2015-05-12 (b1d560a0)

Karsten Tausche <karsten.tausche at student.hpi.de> (2):
      d482da9 fix copied noise extent in vtkImageDataLIC2D
      239fc8e fix memory leak in vtkImageDataLIC2D

Karsten Tausche <karsten.tausche at student.hpi.uni-potsdam.de> (1):
      65364aa Remove vtkFreeTypeUtilities.h from vtkScalarBarActorInternal.h

Ken Martin <ken.martin at kitware.com> (135):
      f5f9ecb Fix a couple issues
      cc429a5 Fix a regression and new failing test
      e6a31ed Fix interactions of depth peeling with the point gaussian mapper.
      5157ca8 Fix a case where glyphic was failing on unlit primitives
      4693f39 A couple depth peeling fixes
      944ee02 A number of transparency related issues fixed
      d24fcf9 Forgot to comment out debug statement
      4ea5a7c Fix for the case when there is nothing to draw
      164ea25 Rename class back to the old name for better compatability
      5d7ab89 Add in support for below and above range LUTs
      5241388 Remove power of two requirement from image slice mapper
      e96f816 Remove window size change
      fec981b Add back in LIC for OpenGL2
      aaf7c19 Rebased and merged due to conflicts
      586cec4 Fix a compiler warning
      4b7bd42 Some lic cleanup for ES 2 and ES 3
      59b539a A few dashboard fixes as described below
      7c341f6 Fix a few issues with ImageDataLIC2D
      2e9ec3c A few more VR fixes I missed the first time
      fb11ced Fix PV text composite with cell data issues
      e0e1853 Fix issues with composite dataset luts issues
      45591d9 Fixes for composite id when selecting on OpenGL2
      8403d05 Fix failing test and add new convenience func
      366f859 Add a valid image and a slight change to generated normals
      ec84991 Convert Context2D to use more modern OpenGL
      935a4e0 I should learn to test on intel too before committing
      8431029 Some fixes for bigmac
      b3ee0a4 Fix for draw pixels shows up in PV rubberband selection
      3983827 Add some debugging code
      bf094a5 Minor compile fix for GL ES 20
      c05ab35 Fix bad destructor
      c4ba26d redo how cell data is handled and picking
      a74d8a2 Add support for picking indirection arrays
      1f5f80d Managed to get scale and bias for voluem rendering working
      b8a4007 Make VTK work with OpenGL 3.2 Core
      326eed2 Make X windows default to a 3.2 context
      780a38c Convert Cocoa to default to OpenGL 3.2
      d2335a5 Some more fixes for apple to make VTK more 3.2 core compliant
      2dead9d Even more OSX 3.2 changes
      eee2075 More 3.2 OpenGL fixes
      da3f65d Minor compiler warning fix
      7b2d837 Minor change to pass line width calls through
      8eefde5 Added valid images for cases where line width is over 1.0
      e98e460 Add missing ReleasGraphicsResources call
      0b9e80d Some exit cleanup fixes for debug mesa
      ece3886 redo how cell data is handled and picking
      3d0c728 Add support for picking indirection arrays
      600a014 Convert Cocoa to default to OpenGL 3.2
      cbd2272 Even more OSX 3.2 changes
      fb2314a Minor compiler warning fix
      bbf6cff Add missing releasegraphicsresources
      bd18cf2 Rebasing from master
      1d77180 Fix compile error
      b063141 Make sure GL_R32F is available on old 2.1 context
      633408b Fix for apple
      0d2b34b Some fixes for mesa master runs
      ac7ea9f Fix some compiler warnings
      2e33724 Some compile fixes for OpenGLES
      af81970 Fix a few issues exposed by PV testing
      92f01b8 Fix two compiler warnings.
      be37a5b A couple more picking fixes these related to processor id
      ebf82b8 Better Tk support for OpenGL2
      e1266ff Instanced arrays require OpenGL 3.3 not 3.2
      04a1604 Remove old style rendering check
      898f9ee Fix for cell normals to use RGBA32F textures
      21aafbb Renamed XOpenGLRenderWindowInteractor back to original name
      ad3e947 Added valid image for Sphere widget
      5558b6a Fix for independent components on mesa
      93549a2 Pare down the test to be about 40% faster
      bc47058 Some X window fixes and make two slow tests faster
      4546439 Update the alternate image as well
      4a79030 Fix apple ifdef
      985cead Fix for some systems
      529f482 Type fix
      a713041 Some fixes for checking framebuffer depths
      7e2c26d New valid image due to line widths
      06a4ef1 Tiny fix for OpenGL ES 3
      a08d678 And whoa I committed a png undo that
      86327d1 Add method for external codes
      9d7da54 Support use of FieldDataTupleId in scalar coloring opengl2
      9387545 Add a geometry shader and some cleanup and fixes
      f22f6f7 Do not use GeometryShaders on ES
      792e805 Test out ogl2 as the default for buildbot systems
      268c199 More fixes based on test dashboard
      e5626d9 Fix a couple more issues
      a268a76 Duh fix bas cmake code
      d2d4c4b Always use our glew
      937fbaa Update to backend logic
      bdf999d Fix check for multisample support
      f10eea0 Newer logic so apps can set a default rendering backend
      517c6a9 Set default back to OpenGL1 for commit
      37f3940 Clenup some OpenGL2 code
      f153530 More cleanups
      844bdfc Rebased to master
      1ea2f37 Maybe fix memory leak
      773d834 Fix a compiler issue with PV
      37c7078 Fix for compile issue on OpenGLES
      cf2c8b1 Test fix for applie AMD primitiveID bug
      b0568e3 Better warning message
      2bb9901 Add support for 2D
      0ab71c6 Another apple fix
      3634071 Fix memory leak
      0fd7c34 Another compiler fix
      caaba79 Another fix due to multiple VBOs
      591bfac Make the VAO code bind the bufferobject
      aa413e1 Remove reference to old header file
      143ee02 Trying something
      52624db Sticking with basic approach
      bd8e0ac Fix an atom rendering performance regression
      aed1b0f Remove a leftover test setting
      d62e074 Some more code cleanups, this time shader related
      7e33a8f Remove some unused ivars
      eef02a7 Add ability for PointGaussianMapper to also just draw points
      2bfd5b8 Fix test that was creating an ill defined camera
      6148806 Update test to have more debugging
      d6a2968 Support wide lines in the polydata mappers on 3.2
      3d4cf61 Fix prim id issue on mac
      6d16798 More cleanup and fixes for 2D this time
      3edf1f1 Fixes for failing tests
      1ce4ac6 Fix issue on Apple
      efc7e9f A couple minor fixes that PV exposed
      d6da179 More minor fixes
      60df241 Some fixes for PV ColorOpacityTableEditing
      ec9015c Make sure PV texture fix hits the other use cases
      58d3c34 Fix for clear depth call on es
      cc85e52 Thick lines only use a GS when the hardware lacks support
      7718bd9 Fix compiler issue on gcc
      bf98e34 Update to fix failing tests
      aae43de Better handling of thick lines in a couple places
      69a266c Fix some recent compile issues
      31cbc69 Some compiler fixes for Android
      4de813d Fix missing header
      d117992 Fix issue with compositepolydatamapper2 with scalar colors
      687a1ba Add valid image for non AA systems
      b0239b2 Apply fix to the generic version as well.

Lin Ma <majcjc at gmail.com> (6):
      7700895 Tested merge
      741a3c5 Added vector for memoizing
      c9ac988 Modified vtkMath::Factorial
      ab660b6 Recursive stored intermediate results
      4ebe46a Fixed bugs
      95d52db Changed map to vector

Marcus D. Hanwell <marcus.hanwell at kitware.com> (4):
      dd718a3 Added support for writing TIFF volume stacks
      610d6fc Fix compiler warning - unsigned int -> int
      10d1db4 Removed unused sstream include, add Windows logic
      ce110d7 Fix bug with bad TIFF tag on char/short format

Mathieu Westphal <mathieu.westphal at kitware.com> (20):
      042d540 Reimplementing AppendData using vtkDataArrayIteratorMacro and std::copy
      b117a06 Adding surface streamlines
      d658e82 VTK Style
      80693cb Adding Angular Periodic Filter and Angular Periodic Array to VTK.
      b975b6d Correcting multiple bugs with periodic data array
      35495b5 AngularPeriodicDataArray : Use of sin instead of sinf
      c5f4437 Correcting bugs in vtkCell implementation
      2bfd773 Correcting pcoords in vtkTriangle
      a7f36eb Add a degenerate Triangle test in IntersectWithLine
      d4765f8 Correcting degenerate triangle
      24a1090 Missing initialization of a member
      48752b4 Fixing coincident point in stream tracer output
      0189719 Correcting a warning in vtkLargeInteger
      998fedf Adding another image for test
      41e2929 Checking for Null vtkPoints in Angular Periodic Filter
      11929ae Fixing 14897 mantis bug, adding VTKTargets.cmake in install
      93e821f fixup python testing
      61e11ad Deprecating FrontBuffer member and double passing tests if necesssary
      e180b45 First bug fix fro periodic filter
      a94c1c8 Fixing parallel periodic filter

MetaIO developers <metaio at kitware.com> (1):
      9db8026 MetaIO 2015-03-18 (ebdd30dd)

Nathan Fabian <ndfabia at sandia.gov> (6):
      b08448f Fixed possible nulls when FieldData are string arrays.
      dbf9f28 Detect when we're writing sets and don't write them as blocks.
      48f899d NodeSets finally write out.
      0aa18f1 Side sets now write out correctly.
      4df652b Replaced the missing const
      b84020d Replaces iterator pointers with SmartPointers to avoid possible leaks.

Robert Maynard <robert.maynard at kitware.com> (7):
      7493f03 FindTBB: Updated implementation to version proposed for CMake.
      7371346 Get SynchronizedTemplates3D to work with more than 4GB.
      40004b2 Get ThreadedSynchronizedTemplates3D to work with more than 4GB.
      93a6062 CONTRIBUTING: Add an overview of the development process
      e43e3a1 You can't close a null tiff pointer.
      7ae792f Mark the entire Accelerators Piston module as legacy as of 6.3
      9486611 Mark the entire Accelerators Dax module as legacy as of 6.3

Rolf Eike Beer <eike at sf-mail.de> (2):
      985e779 ExternalData: Replace MATCHES with STREQUAL where possible
      a035ef4 ExternalData: Clean up duplicate regex matches with CMAKE_MATCH_<n>

Sankhesh Jhaveri <sankhesh.jhaveri at kitware.com> (69):
      4183e79 Clipping test with oblique clipping planes
      8b074c8 Explicitly set sample distance for timing test
      27b1629 Make sure most voxels are rendered for timing test
      7beb6cc Make the AMR Volume mapper available for GL2 backend
      6497141 Added test with shading
      929c87e Fix volume cropping issue
      08b9c9e Circumvent crash in volume mapper when context changes
      c6847d0 Added test for change related to releasing resources
      84d9a92 Added ivar for ContextChanged
      80dfc56 Laxed restrictions on input data required by OpenGL2 volume mapper
      c518197 GPU volume mapper test for two independent components
      222c7ca Added interaction and baseline to the two independent components test
      95d8f88 Fix error in OpenGL2 volume mapper for multiple components
      6b846f4 Test for GPU volume mapper with three independent component scalar data
      33ab12e Test for two dependent component scalar data
      28802b0 Modify test for three components
      032bebe Fix two dependent components case for volume mapper
      9cbcbb4 Reset scale and bias after loading volume
      3b83fb4 Take per component range for setting default transfer functions
      8ef7ac7 Use the appropriate components for transfer functions
      10026fb Fix crash due to wrong index fetching of tables
      8f2af4d Use the right component for opacity functions
      48ae50a Added baselines for new tests
      364ca40 New baseline for the independent components MinIP test
      bb59cae Fix lights issue in external render environments
      e7b5c09 Set spot parameters on the newly created lights
      c5c0794 Changed GLUT test to remove VTK lights
      1fd0e34 Added ability to automatically resize external window
      67bfb78 Account for window position when drawing in external context
      b2106a7 Fix lighting for external rendering environments
      ceca59d Update the GLUT test baseline
      82c7c07 Added Generic OpenGL RenderWindow to OpenGL2 pipeline
      58e3414 Enable OpenGL2 support for vtkRenderingExternal module
      5c56449 Provide extension manager support to external rendering module
      879efa4 Removed redundant tests and fixed crop test
      2c6faab Streamlined testing without VolumeOpenGLNew tests
      e931627 Remove trailing references to VolumeOpenGLNew
      e030c3b Remove module VolumeOpenGLNew
      f05c60a Remove context caching from the volume mapper
      6ad386c Remove unused variable warning
      dcd2ee8 Add API for auto-adjust sample distances to smart volume mapper
      2a76dc5 Add convenience API to smart volume mapper
      841ab6b Fix data trunctation issues with 32 bit int types
      807e61e Enforcing GPU breaks old mapper compatibility for test
      792b663 Fix AMR volume mapper for recent smartvolume mapper changes
      381ebae Remove debug print messages
      0eb9b1e PrintSelf newly added variable
      d9d8f10 Add new external light object
      ee190de Ability to modify externally created lights in the external renderer
      95945ac Modify existing lights each render call
      20251e0 Documentation changes
      1987cce Change default for vtkExternalLight
      eb190e6 Performance optimization in external renderer
      d40aecd Fix external window stereo mode position for OpenGL2 backend
      aff7eb3 Fix near plane offset clipping when camera inside
      bb656ed New test for camera inside volume calculations
      201f587 Added camera inside test for small spacing
      cd8ffef Update comment to reflect documentation
      3b22e28 Add resolution specification capability to circle glyphs
      a93ff1d Add test for glyph 2D circle resolution
      59c9de7 Fix test failure due to vtkMath::Random
      4a8529b Fix constant array size issue
      c3921c5 Fix crash due to un-set point ID
      83bdd85 Fix compile error when compiling vtkRenderingExternal
      b34cba0 Added test for GPU volume mapper jagged edges issue
      b4c9fc9 Restore concept of InteractiveUpdateRate for vtkSmartVolumeMapper
      1013a56 Compute initial sample distance based on dataset spacing
      40ec94e Interactively adjust sample distance for vtkSmartVolumeMapper
      9b2883a Improve documentation of new variable in vtkSmartVolumeMapper

Scott Wittenburg <scott.wittenburg at kitware.com> (8):
      ca58cc9 Support pvweb color editor widget and use of local storage by apps.
      74ca669 Add a completely standalone tool for generating color swatch images.
      f8ee75a Support retrieving geometry for all timesteps in paraviewweb.
      a786577 Change framerate stats to show two decimals places.  Fix stat table.
      81a6eb0 Update autobahn client/server as well as vtkweb connect for longpoll.
      6648549 Allow clients to know when a render occurred that was not stale.
      566dc51 Fix how we import our argparse fallback implementation.
      914dc33 Add synchronous methods to Base64-encode image data as png or jpg.

Sean McBride <sean at rogue-research.com> (88):
      b54bce1 Unified mixed unsigned char/int usage to bool
      3e546c7 Unconfused cppcheck by removing unneeded null check
      a310907 Moved dereference to after null check
      4a03ebd Fixed typo: - should be ->
      3a95956 Fixed || that should be &&
      ab65dee Fixed contradictory ‘if’ statements
      fd6923e Fix division by zero cppcheck warnings
      af1c03d Fix clang warnings about implicit float->bool
      364f7a5 Add asserts to silence clang analyzer warning
      bf7dbc5 Return upon error, otherwise invalid file reference is used
      9557459 Fixed memory leaks found by cppcheck
      ae942ec Fix incorrectStringCompare cppcheck warning
      00834ec Fixed cppcheck signConversion warning
      430ca63 Made various float to bool conversions explicit
      da2c429 Removed unneeded casting
      c0f818b Fixed stack allocation to be properly aligned
      b85b5f6 Replace size() with empty()
      2f2c9e3 Copy-paste error, duplicate ORing
      13ee5b9 Add parens for less ambiguity, fix cppcheck warning
      dd72b67 Refactor & simplify to avoid cppcheck false positive
      5da8067 Reverse order of AND statements
      82d3857 Removed simple dead stores/statements found by cppcheck
      604952c Refactor old school alignment test to use offsetof()
      4753261 Remove the addition of a few inappropriate vtkErrorMacro
      18f4050 Fix more include guards to not start with __vtk
      a283cf6 Removed dead code found by cppcheck
      3cf511d Removed unneeded c_str() usage
      b1d2871 Silence clang analyzer warning
      c10d56b Fixed minor format string mismatch
      f1f33bc Fixed possible array overrun found by cppcheck
      c107164 Move index ‘i’ check after usage
      dedac30 Removed _probably_ dead code
      87ecf6f Reformulate assert to pacify cppcheck
      bcba6da Fix null deref, likely due to && vs || typo
      e0c279f Fixed cppcheck warning about all-const params to strncmp
      9cee046 Check ResizeAndExtend error result and bail
      43cb029 Fixed division by zero found by cppcheck
      d8b8c82 Merged private function into destructor
      bfa040a Removed code dead since 2001.
      0793af7 Removed code dead since 2003.
      11a25a0 Removed code dead since 2001.
      8c9bd60 Removed code dead since 2010.
      52178c8 Removed code dead since 2006.
      4b6fb46 Added static to many private globals
      0fdb9d2 Fixed -Wformat-pedantic warnings
      0f0e9a7 Removed dead code
      7a30b8d Fixed all -Wswitch-enum warnings
      7e18c39 Revert warning fix that caused another warning
      5700d2e Fixed mismatch between ivars and get/set macros
      418c62c Changed many int to vtkIdType
      1a191c9 Fixed implicit float/double to bool conversion
      a16e53d Added explicit casts to fix Wconversion warnings
      acf0c22 Fixed memory leak in Cocoa code (regression)
      acc044c Fixed dead code warning on OS X
      6770f4c Fixed unused parameter warning
      4b38ce2 Fixed warning caused by warning fixes from other branch
      b1899a4 Fixed compiler error with div() introduced with Wconversion fixes
      d9e2b61 Changed vtkWriter::Write()'s return value
      ea9ebe8 Fixed illegal left shift of negative number
      5b5c1f0 Fixed some warnings from PGI compiler dashboard
      932c021 Fixed blunder in merge request #51
      aca10d2 Added missing #include, causing some bots to not build
      1383d57 Fixed -Wextra-semi warnings within VTK macros
      2031f57 Fixed -Wextra-semi warnings in ThirdParty/alglib
      0894f9a Fixed -Wextra-semi warnings in ThirdParty/ftgl
      0fed50d Fixed -Wextra-semi warnings in ThirdParty/utf8
      3cc4d9f Fix -Wimplicit-fallthrough warnings; introduce VTK_FALLTHROUGH
      d9ec645 Modernized Cocoa code to use NSTrackingArea
      5678f1c Removed many unneeded null checks before delete
      50d22d0 Changed placeholder value from 0.0 to 1.0, fixing undefined behaviour
      6bfea2b Disambiguated use of term “kilobyte”
      1e8db01 Fix possible null deref by bailing early
      a7b7b30 Workaround cppcheck warning by refactoring loop
      8525d6f Removed dead store found by cppcheck
      e385f7d Fix warning about identical comparisons
      f63ff5b Avoid cppcheck division by 0 warning
      47ff51d Fixed null deref found by cppcheck
      f65f048 Fixed division by zero
      4a537d8 Fixed STLReader regression vs VTK 5.10.1
      9843c53 Fixed mismatch array new/delete found by clang -Wmismatched-new-delete
      ac738c6 Removed branches for _MSC_VER <= 1400.
      9285a6b Removed branches for gcc 4.0 and lower.
      5da4b99 Added #error for known old unsupported compilers
      c0f64bb Restored support for Apple gcc 4.2
      a8dc81f Hopefully suppress ‘used uninitialized’ warnings
      51f1fbe Replace VTKGL2 define with VTK_OPENGL2
      668c687 Fixed ‘no newline at end of file’ warnings
      2fc88bb Added VTK_FALLTHROUGH in case without break

Sebastien Jourdain <sebastien.jourdain at kitware.com> (1):
      4551c40 Allow GetTuple6 to be preperly Wrapped

Shawn Waldon <shawn.waldon at kitware.com> (7):
      8bb1cd3 Handle datatypes other than single precision float
      c8c13dd Add overloads to parallel communication methods
      2d448c8 Update the documentation on data array subclasses
      8e70864 Make java wrapping give files to javac via a response file
      f14f271 Add higher timeouts for some long running tests
      ba6f952 Force tests to run in serial
      db85b40 Remove "have tcoords" print statement

Steven Hahn <hahnse at ornl.gov> (1):
      655c4cf Change while loop condition for osx.

Sujin Philip <sujin.philip at kitware.com> (19):
      95dcf8c Fix for windows warning suppressions not working
      e83da62 Fix SMP compile warning in VC++
      a7d288f vtkThreadedSynchronizedTemplatesCutter3D
      e5ee5e7 Remove double underscores from header guard.
      e731f7d Add support tbb in local build dirs, and from composer installs.
      78a5fff Improvements to vtkAtomicInt
      09c3da0 Fixes for vtkAtomicInt issues from dashboard tests
      9b585ed Improve OS X support in FindTBB
      e6356d8 Fix errors detected on Windows dashboards
      f12026b Fix usage of CriticalSectionGuard
      c342a01 Change vtkAtomicInt to vtkAtomic
      8b809d5 Re-enable use of long for 64-bit vtkIdType
      fda6a31 Added Improved FindOpenMP module
      4d26636 OpenMP backend for SMP
      82eec30 Add vtkAtomic support headers to list of sources
      a0b05b2 Fix testing of MTime in TestAtomic
      e2c63d3 Fix cmake error when ${POLICY_VAR} is empty
      2a505d9 Fix "#pragma warning" warning in gcc
      f51d10d Intel compiler 11.1 template typedef issue

Utkarsh Ayachit <utkarsh.ayachit at kitware.com> (36):
      9892e7f Added fake-stereo mode.
      36385b4 Modified Matrix when it changes.
      26d178b Make PushImageToScreen() virtual.
      f814879 Add test to demonstrate TIFF reader issue.
      0460b1e Support random access in compressed tiff files.
      02c49fb Remove invalid error message.
      1093ae9 Avoid modifying vtkAxis unless things changed.
      6c877c2 Adding area plot (vtkPlotArea).
      bdb5b5b Fix leaks in vtkExtractArraysOverTime.
      8e079d3 Add alternative baseline for dashlin1.
      3b8db8d Add missing 'close' to vtkPythonStdStreamCaptureHelper.
      33ba83a BUG #14721: Add support for quadratic pyramid for Exodus reader.
      ea6f018 Revert "FIX: We don't select 2D annotations."
      d4b9145 Overcome wrapping issue with client-server wrappings in ParaView.
      5c7bb1b Fixed warnings.
      5c663b7 Extending API to get information about picked location.
      06d553f BUG #15438: Handle NaN when computing array range.
      bf7967d BUG #0015512: Added ability to hide plots from the legend.
      27984c3 BUG #15321: Fix mode_shape array.
      e66cef8 Remove vtkExodusIIReader::UpdateTimeInformation().
      636fc93 Cleanup initialization of TimeStepRange/ModeShapeRange.
      ea532fa Expose mode-shape-range meta-data to downstream filters.
      e4c6f5c BUG #15155: Fix issues with temporal interpolator.
      e449dfe Use AllGather instead of custom implementation of the same.
      1be51c3 BUG #15445: Handle empty input datasets in vtkDistributedDataFilter.
      23dff2b BUG #14897: Fix periodic boundary issues with vtkNetCDFCAMReader.
      6ccc95c Avoid segfaults for multiblocks of vtkTable.
      0e902ee Fixed invalid #ifs in vtkByteSwap.
      d3dee7d Make vtkMultiBlockPLOT3DReader factory overridable.
      bc18ac7 Add vtkMPIMultiBlockPLOT3DReader -- MPI-IO enabled reader for Plot3D.
      695b481 Adding a basic test to test vtkMPIMultiBlockPLOT3DReader.
      44c7f0b Cleaning python testing macros.
      0786909 Win64 fixes for vtkMultiBlockPLOT3DReader.
      d955537 Fix typo in call to superclass method.
      557ec61 Error checking: check status of collective call.
      1c78797 Fix uninitialized memory reported by valgrind.

Vincent Chen <applekey at gmail.com> (4):
      289ba8d Fixing outptr traversal bug in vtkImageResize
      7af7f96 Modify Stencil Iterator to work under block mode.
      262ac56 vtkVolumeRayCastSpaceLeapingImageFilter,
      096c0eb vtkImageBlend row traversal bug

Vittorio Parrella <vittorioparrella at gmail.com> (2):
      2111954 Fixed crash in PokeMatrix(NULL) if not called before with valid data.
      6d4f792 Refactoring of Set/Get filename to model reader classes.

Will Schroeder <will.schroeder at kitware.com> (8):
      7542037 Fixed HandleDirection issues.
      7f36d44 Performance improvements via templating and SMP
      274efff Cleaned up dashboard warnings
      2be4261 New Guassian splatter class, added multithreading
      a623741 Using typename instead of class for templates
      a6e1420 Work around brain dead compiler
      d0ee979 Another method made public to work around compiler
      19b42e3 Another method made public to work around compiler(2)

peter karasev <karasevpa at gmail.com> (19):
      b28b038 add obj importer with test. fetches textured mtl files for test.
      f88bcf5 re-add test file that was quashed unintentionally
      0ee04ed cleanup style issues per comments in gitlab
      ca1b041 update cmake for external data usage
      9328465 update style and remove console output
      8547ec8 more robust handling of path to texture files
      b740219 update test robustness, use freely distributable model files
      3a92b7a exclude header so that vtkSmartPointer can be used ...
      8973055 update md5 files in repo
      3f6e3f0 remove previous md5 refs
      e782156 touch data files to get dashboard greener
      ef27b0b remove previous files
      010c8b6 dont show warning about comments in MTL file unless debug mode on
      c71a789 add support for mixing usemtl and vertex definitions, add test for this.
      966ccb3 touch files; previous commit encountered gitlab error
      3ad923a make a pass at cleaning up warnings on cdash
      71a39d3 disable warning in impl file.
      bc011db add test files
      55e2914 fix importing to work for no mtl file + no warnings for empty texture image

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