[vtkusers] Does vtkImageBlend or vtkAppendPolyData generate 3D / Volumetric representation of 2D Image Data or PolyData respectively

Cory Quammen cory.quammen at kitware.com
Fri Jul 10 18:56:53 EDT 2015

VTK doesn't have a built-in tetrahedral mesh-generation solution.
vtkDelaunay3D computes a tetrahedral mesh, but it is of the convex hull of
the points in its input, not a mesh within the volume defined by a
vtkPolyData. You could try to use tetgen for that.

Alternatively, you could create a 3D image from your input 2D images, then
use vtkThreshold to create an unstructured grid of just the white parts of
the 3D image. To convert the resulting hexahedral elements in the
unstructured grid to tetrahedra, use vtkDataSetTriangleFilter.


On Fri, Jul 10, 2015 at 5:20 PM, Neel007 <sayanmaity.10 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear Cory,
> Thank you for your quick response.
> Actually I am trying to generate 3D tetrahedral mesh representation from 2D
> series/stacks of binary images as a volume (binary volumetric Data).
> The 2D stacks of Binary Images are shown below:
> <http://vtk.1045678.n5.nabble.com/file/n5732836/Capture.png>
> In Matlab by using iso2mesh toolbox, volume to mesh generator function can
> create the 3D tetrahedral mesh representation:
> <http://vtk.1045678.n5.nabble.com/file/n5732836/Capture1.png>
> I want to reproduce the same functionality for HPC version as you know the
> Matlab version is very inefficient when the stack size increase. I thin in
> VTK the pipeline will be more or less:
> 1) Read the *.tif files.
> 2) Find the iso contours (The white pixels in the image stacks) in each 2d
> image and generate isosurface.
> 3) Save them as a polydata object .vtp
> 4) Generate isosurface by loading the .vtp object vtk_Delaunay3D
> But not sure if the pipeline is implementable or which function to use.
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