[vtkusers] grid reslice

Young, Ryan Ryan.Young at seattlechildrens.org
Mon Jan 26 20:29:01 EST 2015


I have a vector field that has the displacement vector for each voxel in a volume.  I am trying to apply this deformation and visualize the results.  The difficulty I am have is that the deformation only exist for the voxels inside the volume, not globally in the whole space. If I set the displacement to zeros outside the volume I get poor results.

My toy example is just do to a 10 voxel shift in the x direction The volume is padded with zeros so there is plenty of room.  The result is an image missing about ten voxels.  See attached picture.  If I make a similar deformation that exist at all voxels, the result is as expect.  Any advice. Also, a code snippet is below.

Thanks in advanced


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