[vtkusers] QVtkWidgets problem with Qt::PaintOnScreen attribute and Aero

Alex Malyushytsky malyushytsky at gmail.com
Wed Jan 21 15:51:43 EST 2015

I have multiple QVtkWidgets in QMDiArea in a tabbed view.
I found that switching tabs with such QVtkWidgets  shows garbage for a
noticeable time if Aero scheme on Windows is set.
Removing Qt::PaintOnScreen attribute from QVtkWidget fixes the problem.
But even though I do not see any side effects that does not mean they do
not exist.
At the same time Qt 4.8.6 states that this flag is only supported on X11.

SO questions are:
- what can go wrong with having double buffering of QVtkWidget?
- Is there any other way to remove flickering during resize?

Best regards,
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