[vtkusers] vtkDistanceWidget not working

Sid Murthy sid.murthy at gmail.com
Sat Sep 6 22:20:59 EDT 2014

Hi -

When using vtkDistanceWidget with a 3d Distance Representation:
vtkSmartPointer<vtkDistanceRepresentation3D> dRep3d=
vtkSmartPointer<vtkDistanceWidget> dWidget =
dWidget ->SetInteractor(mRenderWindowInteractor);
dWidget ->CreateDefaultRepresentation();
dWidget ->SetRepresentation(dRep3d);
dWidget ->SetDebug(1);
dWidget ->On();

I get the following debug ouput:
Debug: In ..\..\VTK5.10.1\Common\vtkObject.cxx, line 871
vtkDistanceWidget (06EA2260): UnRegistered by NULL, ReferenceCount = 0

Debug: In ..\..\VTK5.10.1\Widgets\vtkAbstractWidget.cxx, line 166
vtkAbstractWidget (06EA2260): Disabling widget

Debug: In ..\..\VTK5.10.1\Rendering\vtkInteractorObserver.cxx, line 25
vtkInteractorObserver (06EA2260): vtkInteractorObserver (06EA2260): setting
DefaultRenderer to 00000000

Debug: In ..\..\VTK5.10.1\Common\vtkObject.cxx, line 154
vtkObject (06EA2260): Destructing!

Is there something obvious I'm missing to make this widget work? I have
several other widgets working fine.

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