[vtkusers] Continuous updating tubefilter data

Mhatre, Mandar Mandar.Mhatre at karlstorz.com
Mon Oct 6 02:32:43 EDT 2014

Hello everyone
I am working on a project to visualize a tube structure. I have a working program for fixed points. Now I want to adapt the same for continuous application. My algorithm reads sensors and calculate 3D coordinates in C++. I want to feed this data to my visualization block in order to continuous visualization.
(I can visualize an actor continuously, where I could only change some properties of actor. e.g. SetPosition, Rotate, SetFontSize).  Please guide, how should I proceed to do so ? I tried updating vtkPoints and then interpolate these points and eventually tried rendering. Somehow my window shows nothing. once I saw a tube, which was showing some unrealistic shapes when I continued.
Any kind of guidance or help will be helpful.
Thank you in advance for your time taken.

(P.S. I am using TubesFromSplines from wiki as base to create visualization.)

With regards,
Mandar Mhatre
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