[vtkusers] Fwd: Bug in vtkPolyData

Paul Edwards paul.m.edwards at gmail.com
Thu Nov 13 13:55:20 EST 2014


I've just noticed an issue with vtkPolyData.  I had been calling
vtkPolyData::DeleteCell to remove the unwanted cells, followed by a
call to vtkPolyData::RemoveDeletedCells.  The result is not as it
should be in the latest version.  To fix I just started reverting
previous commits.  I tracked it down to the following:

bugfix 14459: Iterating through polydata cells incorrectly.
commit: 44131c6d05375692af8b6b38cf4291983bdd8f45

Sorry but I do not have time to provide a test case or track where in
this commit lies the problem.  I just thought I would give details
here in case anyone else notices the same problem and is searching for
a solution.

Best regards,

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