[vtkusers] Volume Rendering with Voxel Specific Color

Lisa Avila lisa.avila at kitware.com
Thu Jun 26 14:42:22 EDT 2014

Hello Cory,

In the volume property you'll need to indicate that you don't have
independent components. That is, by default this is set to true and
therefore VTK assumes you are representing separate properties which each
of the scalar components (for example pressure and density). In that case,
each scalar is passed through its own lookup tables for color and opacity
and the resulting values are merged based on the weightings of the

VTK also supports IA (intensity / alpha) and RGBA data. This must be 2 or 4
component unsigned char data. Once you set it so that your components are
not independent, the last component will be considered a scalar lookup into
your opacity transfer function, and the first one or three components will
be used to represent your color. In the case of 2 component data (IA), that
first component will be passed through the color transfer function. In the
case of 4 component data (RGBA) those first three components will be
directly considered the RGB color of that voxel.

Note that if you have 3 component RGB data you'll need to do something to
create a 4th component (otherwise you have no concept of alpha and you just
have a solid block of color). Typical methods of generating that fourth
component include assigning it to be the hue or intensity of the RGB value.
For example, with the visible human data we usually assign the fourth
component to be hue since the body was encased in a blue gel (we can then
set the opacity of the blue hue to be zero, thereby seeing the human inside
the cube).

Hope this helps.


On Wed, Jun 25, 2014 at 1:49 PM, Cory Jones <cjayjones at gmail.com> wrote:

> I am trying to render a volume from 3D ImageData and I want to be able to
> control the color of each voxel independently using the color channels. I
> am able to set the number of scalar components in my ImageData to 3 and set
> each channel separately. I am rendering using vtkSmartVolumeMapper. Is
> there a way to set the vtkVolumeProperty so that the image renders the 3
> channels as RGB? I have tried using the vtkColorTransferFunction
> SetColorSpaceToRGB(), but this does not work. Again, I don't want to do
> scalar color mapping. My current code is:
>   vtkSmartPointer<vtkSmartVolumeMapper> volumeMapper =
>               vtkSmartPointer<vtkSmartVolumeMapper>::New();
>   volumeMapper->SetBlendModeToComposite();
>   volumeMapper->SetInputConnection(outputImageData->GetProducerPort());
>   vtkSmartPointer<vtkVolumeProperty> volumeProperty =
>     vtkSmartPointer<vtkVolumeProperty>::New();
>   volumeProperty->ShadeOff();
>   volumeProperty->SetInterpolationType(VTK_LINEAR_INTERPOLATION);
>   vtkSmartPointer<vtkColorTransferFunction> color =
>     vtkSmartPointer<vtkColorTransferFunction>::New();
>   color->SetColorSpaceToRGB();
>   volumeProperty->SetColor(color);
>   vtkSmartPointer<vtkVolume> volume =
>     vtkSmartPointer<vtkVolume>::New();
>   volume->SetMapper(volumeMapper);
>   volume->SetProperty(volumeProperty);
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