[vtkusers] Slow Performance with 2K actors (*.obj file)

Sonya Blade sonyablade2010 at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 15 01:32:34 EDT 2014

Dear All,
I observe very weird problem with performance of VTK. I load the polydata with vtkObjReader and populate it to produce 2K objects in the scene. Along with loadingphase of scene which is 10-15sec, rendering phase is also very slow and it doesn't even interact with scene. 
I hardly believe but probably I configured something in a wrong way in VTK because I originated the program by directly modifying ObjReader example in official VTK page.
The *.obj file which I load can be found at the attachement.
I'll appreciate your guidance,
int main(int argc, char *argv[]){  // Parse command line arguments  /*if(argc != 2)    {    std::cout << "Usage: " << argv[0] << " Filename(.obj)" << std::endl;    return EXIT_FAILURE;    }	*/	  vtkSmartPointer<vtkRenderer> renderer =    vtkSmartPointer<vtkRenderer>::New();  vtkSmartPointer<vtkRenderWindow> renderWindow =    vtkSmartPointer<vtkRenderWindow>::New();  renderWindow->AddRenderer(renderer);  vtkSmartPointer<vtkRenderWindowInteractor> renderWindowInteractor =    vtkSmartPointer<vtkRenderWindowInteractor>::New();  renderWindowInteractor->SetRenderWindow(renderWindow);
for (int i=0;i<2000;i++){  std::string filename = argv[1];  vtkSmartPointer<vtkOBJReader> reader =    vtkSmartPointer<vtkOBJReader>::New();  reader->SetFileName("........new_I_Profile.obj");// SetFileName(filename.c_str());  reader->Update();
  // Visualize  vtkSmartPointer<vtkPolyDataMapper> mapper =    vtkSmartPointer<vtkPolyDataMapper>::New();  mapper->SetInputConnection(reader->GetOutputPort());
  vtkSmartPointer<vtkActor> actor =    vtkSmartPointer<vtkActor>::New();  actor->SetMapper(mapper);   renderer->AddActor(actor);}   renderer->SetBackground(.3, .6, .3); // Background color green
  renderWindow->Render();  renderWindowInteractor->Start();
  return EXIT_SUCCESS; 		 	   		  
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