[vtkusers] The differences about VTKData and VTK LargeData between VTK 5.10 and VTK 6.1

hongsongyang hongsongyang at 163.com
Wed Aug 27 00:10:59 EDT 2014

Dear all VTK users:

When we cmake the VTK 5.10 version, there are 2 selections about 

VTK_DATA_ROOT and VTK_LARGE_DATA_ROOT. Both of these 2 option need to

set the data and large data folder path.


However, when I cmake the vtk 6.1 version, there is no DATA_ROOT options, 

In contrast, there is only VTK_DATA_STORE, where I put the VTKData folder
path into it.

And I check the VTK_USE_LARGE_DATA option ON.

My question is, How could I make my cmake known the path of my VTKLargeData

Path, which I download according to GIT.


VTKData source from : git clone git://vtk.org/VTKData.git VTKData

VTKLargeData source from: git clone git://vtk.org/VTKLargeData.git


Is there anyone who can answer my question?


Thanks a lot.



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