[vtkusers] vtkJavaDesigner in github

HongKee Moon moon at mpi-cbg.de
Tue Aug 19 08:29:09 EDT 2014


Recently, I have created a simple java editor for vtk programmers thanks to RSyntaxTextArea.
The url is https://github.com/hkmoon/vtkJavaDesigner.

It has dynamic runtime compilation. Once you edit some code, you can compile/run in runtime.
It makes your development faster when you have a simple proof-of-concept validation.
Hopefully, have a great time with vtk programming.
Comments are always welcome!

For the VTK compilation, I used JDK6 rather than JDK7 because I noticed that the RenderWindow is weirdly located when I run a sample vtk java program under JDK7. However, JDK6 does not have that problem.


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