[vtkusers] installing VTK 6.0 binaries on Windows 7 Pro 64-bit with Visual Studio 2013

Erin Parsons parsons.220 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 13 16:09:36 EST 2013


I'm installing the VTK 6.0 source files following these guidelines:

Once I press "Configure" in CMake, I select Visual Studio 12 Win64 (because
Visual Studio 13 is not an option). I turn on "BUILD_EXAMPLES". I change
"CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX" to "C:/MyProjects/VTK_6_0/"  All wrappers are off.
Everything else is default.

After CMake is done generating, I open Visual Studio 2013 and open the
"ALL_BUILD.vcxproj" which loads the entire VTK.sln and all examples. I then
set "ALL_BUILD" as the current startup project and build in "Release" mode.

After roughly 18 minutes I get 31 warnings and 201 errors. I've tried doing
several variations of the CMake preferences and still haven't had a
successful build. Does anybody know how I can get this working?? I
appreciate any suggestions!

Thank you,
Erin Parsons
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