[vtkusers] Future of activiz .net?

David Cole dlrdave at aol.com
Fri Dec 6 10:29:01 EST 2013

> There has been an attempt to fund the development through crowd 
funding on
> kickstarter, but it was far from being successful.

> Reasons _might_ have been:
> * Not that much interest in ActiViz.Net after all :(
> * The plan was to realize 5.10 (last one I know of was 5.8) at a time 
when 6.0
> was (nearly) released
> * The campaign did not reach a lot of people. There were quiet some 
> asking about the future of ActiViz.Net since the campaign failed, so 
perhaps it
> could have had a chance with more advertisement (no idea how and 

There were exactly 20 backers of the proposed kickstarter project:


Since then, there have been perhaps 10-20 inquiries about the future of 
ActiViz on the VTK mailing lists.

If there is sufficient interest, I would be willing to try again, this 
time skipping VTK 5.10 and going directly to VTK 6 / master.

Reply with a +1 or contact me directly if you'd like to discuss the 
future of ActiViz.

(What I'd really like is a team of developers to learn how it works who 
really really want to carry it into the future..... It cannot succeed 
as a 1-man project. At least not if I'm supposed to be the 1-man.)

Let me know,
David C.

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