[vtkusers] drag and drop an object in vtkinteractorstyletrackballcamera?!

Michael Metzger Metzger at zoller-d.com
Thu Dec 5 05:02:06 EST 2013

Hey guys and ladies!

I have a polydata and use a vtkInteractionStyleTrackBallCamera to move around. In a Special mode i can insert a plane and now i want wo make this plane movable but only in one Dimension (normal of the plane).

I made a subclass of vtkinteractionstyletrackballcamera and react on the mousedown and mouseup Events. There i Color the plane so if you click on it the plane change to red. What is the typical "vtk" way to move this plane?

- own interaction style where i parse the mousemoving into world space to know the direction i have to move the plane?
- use normal interactionstyle "trackballcamera" and Change the style to "trackballactor" after clicking the plane and Change back at the end?
- use a widget? (i still have the Problem with the "placewidget()" method, which wants a intptr instead of double[] for bounds in c#.

is there any example of moving one object by drag and drop in a world you normally use vtkinteractorstyletrackballcamera?


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