[vtkusers] How to resample VtkPolyData to make sure two VtkPolyData have same number of points?

Gonzalo Amadio gonzaloamadio at gmail.com
Fri Aug 24 04:58:41 EDT 2012

I don't know if there ir a class that do that..
But as firs idea, one could be :

Traverse the one with more number of points, and for each point, check if
exitsts in the other polydata, if not, add it.

2012/8/24 <huangcheng1987928 at gmail.com>

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> Hi all,
>         If I get two vtkPolyData but they have different number of points,
> is there a way to resample one of them to make sure these two polydata have
> the same number of points?
> Regards,
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> Chester Huang
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Gonzalo Amadio
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