[vtkusers] clipping 2D polygon with another 2D polygon

Nicholas I. Walker NWalker at herbert-abs.com
Thu Aug 9 19:42:33 EDT 2012

Thanks Gonzalo,

Unfortunately, since I am using VTK 5.8 (I believe this is the latest supported through Activiz.NET), I can't use vtkBooleanOperationPolyDataFilter... Is there another way, or am I out of luck...


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This can help you?

2012/8/10 nwalker <nwalker at herbert-abs.com<mailto:nwalker at herbert-abs.com>>
I've been searching on a way to perform boolean operations on 2D polygons,
but am having trouble finding a solution.

If I were to have two 2D polygons that overlap, is there a way I can clip
away the overlap portion from one of the polygons? Will vtkPolygon::Clip
work for this? The vtkCell API description for the Clip method was rather

Thanks in advance for any help,

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Gonzalo Amadio
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