[vtkusers] a problem about vtk parallel visiualization

Xiang Lee wxjlixiang at gmail.com
Mon Aug 29 20:50:14 EDT 2011


I am doing some program development using the vtk parallel module
recently,   now a tough problem has been haunting me for several weeks,
which i can't find any help till now, briefly spearking, imitaing the
example on vtk website, i wrote one taskparallel program, the debug result
is correct, but when i run it using wmpiexec, setting 2 threads, i can't see
the visiualization result, that is to say there is no win32OpenGL window
displaying the visiualization result, at the same time, the correct print
result prove that there are no running faults in either thread, now i am
helpless, so can you give me a favor? Thx~
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