[vtkusers] simple vtk application

Florian Bruckner e0425375 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 23 06:26:52 EDT 2011

hi, i'm new to vtk and i have a few design questions. I want to write a
simple visualization tool for our data. It should support multiple input
files and different filters for each input file. Each filter then needs
a mapper and an actor, if I understand that correctly. All those things
should be put into an new class asdf_input.

Finally there is an renderer window where the data should be displayed.
So I would add the proper actors from the asdf_input object and add them
to multiple renderers. Then these multiple renderers are added to the
renderer window. All these things are put into another class

So this is the first plan. But after looking over the vtk class
reference i found vtkView, vtkDataRepresentation, ... and i was
wondering whether there is already something very similar available. 

So my question is whether there is already some top-level class
available, which allows to simplify the handling of multiple


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