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Subhodeep Ray raysubho510 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 22 08:25:39 EDT 2011

Currently I'm working on generating movie files using the relevant vtk
classes, namely, vtkFFMpegWriter and vtkMPEG2Writer. I'm particularly facing
problems when trying to build the codecs of these libraries on windows. The
codecs provided on the vtk website are generally helpful in case of linux,
but in case of windows, both are not at all helpful.

There are no proper codecs provided for windows on the website. They have
provided with already built exe files (for FFMpeg) which cannot be run,
without properly linking with vtk. Moreover after building MPEG2Encode, when
I try to generate a movie file, a window pops up showing some codec error,
although the simulation keeps on running in the background.

I need urgent help regarding these issues, and please do let me know, if my
query is not completely clear.

Any kind of help would be extremely appreciated.

Subhodeep Ray
Research Engineer (Software Development)
Fluidyn Software & Consultancy (P) Ltd.
Mobile: +91-9590669291
e-mail: raysubho510 at gmail.com
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