[vtkusers] User Interaction with MultiBlocDataSet with unstructured Grid

R M mlokida at yahoo.fr
Thu Aug 11 13:34:48 EDT 2011


I have a MultiBlockDataSet composed of severals unstructuredGrid (tetra, 
hexa,...). All The cells share the same points array and I have some blocks 
'cells of the data set that share the same points.
The idea is to move a point belonging to a cell of block 1 and to acell of block 
2. Like this, because points array is share.

But, to render the multiblockdataset, I use a vtkCompositeDataGeometryFilter 
that give me a vtkPolyData.

Then I use  the http://www.vtk.org/Wiki/VTK/Examples/Cxx/Interaction/MoveAVertex 
example to select and move points.

The problem is that the points  have been duplicated and are now independant (no 
more use of the global points array). 

So, is there a way to preserve the points array information in order to well 
move points and preserve the topology ?

Thank you.
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