[vtkusers] Rendering DRR with ROI

Xiaofeng Z xf10036 at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 10 10:40:46 EDT 2011

Hi vtkusers, I'm trying to render a 2D RT image of DRR (digitally reconstructed radiography) along with some 3D mesh representing structures. DRR image is located at the center facing perpendicular to the camera, and the structures can be either in the front or the back of the image plan.  When the structure is behind the image, it is cover by the plan hence not shown. My question is: 1. Is it possible to assign a z-order sort of property to the actors so a structure always show regardless it's actual position from the camera, or better yet2. Is there any way to render a 3D image in sort of transparent way so it appears like a radiography on the screen? Thanks!

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