[vtkusers] QVTK Error.

vijaeendra simha vijaeendra at gmail.com
Fri Aug 5 02:44:57 EDT 2011

I had to link the other libraries as well. I got it built. But when I run
the application file It says segmentation fault(Core Dumped) . But I don see
anything wrong with the pointers or anything that I have used.
Also when I include the (LIBS += -L/usr/local/lib/vtk-5.6 -lQVTK
-lvtkRendering -lvtkIO  -lvtkFiltering) .... in the .pro file I have this
problem. Though I am not using any of its classes(QVTKWidget etc..,)  But if
I comment that line it works fine.

Its a run time error and is related to the Shared Libraries.

I have also set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH!!!

What Might have gone wrong.

I am totally stuck, Please Help me.
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