[vtkusers] Transparent while preserving color

David Pont David.Pont at scionresearch.com
Mon Aug 1 16:59:48 EDT 2011

Hi Matthias, a couple of suggestions:

-          Use a Wireframe or even Points display mode, increasing line or point size might be useful;

-          With Points you could also use ‘MaskPoints’;

-          Use vtkShrinkPolyData to shrink the cells

Cheers Dave

David Pont
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For a visualization I need to display several colored 3d spheres, that might overlap or even be included completely in each other. Included spheres should be visible all the time. My solution was to make the spheres transparent.
Unfortunately that means, that colors are not preserved, a red sphere in a green sphere in a yellow sphere in a blue sphere ... not much of the original color left.
Is there a way to achieve the (physically uncorrect) behaviour of preserving the colors?



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