[vtkusers] python exceptions patch needed for vtk 5.6

Florian Bruckner e0425375 at gmail.com
Fri May 28 02:52:13 EDT 2010


I just figured out the problem that no python exceptions are raised if
my reader produces an error. I use vtk-5.6.

after searching the net and the mailing list I found that there are some
patches available
(turn-vtk-errors-into-python-exceptions-and-catch-bad-malloc patch)
which should solve this problem. Unfortunately I could neither find such
a patch for vtk-5.6 nor any actual posts about this topic. 

So should this patch allready be included in the new vtk-5.6? or where
can I get it otherwise? are there any reasons why the patch is not
included in the official release? or is there another work around that
is proposed for this kind of problems? 


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