[vtkusers] wrapped widget interaction (was vtkFormsWindowControl events)

Carl Bateman Carl.Bateman at icr.ac.uk
Tue May 25 12:01:13 EDT 2010

To (partly) answer my own questions:

The control's default behaviour (or rather the render window's interactor's) can be modified using SetInteractorStyle.

For the selection area I'm trying to use vtkPlaneWidget, but it's a 3d widget and I'd like to restrict interaction to 2d, any suggestions on how to do this?

The Contour widget looks like it might be a better fit to my needs, but it's not been wrapped, yet.

Any help much appreciated.


> I'm working on a project that uses the vtkFormsWindowControl from the VTK .NET Wrappers project.
> I need to be able to define regions of interest either by clicking and dragging to define a rectangle, or clicking on a region.
> At the moment the control's default behaviour is getting in the way. Is there a way of turning it off?
> Also, how would I draw a 2d rectangle on the control?

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