[vtkusers] Create/visualize RGBA volume

Nicolas Rannou nicolas.vtk.users at gmail.com
Tue May 25 09:31:07 EDT 2010

Hi ,

I want to create a RGBA volume in order to do some volume rendering.
I would like to create a volume voxel by voxel, then fill each pixel with
different values of R, G, B and A.

Is there any convenient method to do it in VTK?
How should I proceed to create each voxel?

>From what I read, I should create a vtkImageData, set the dimension, scalar
type, number of scalar components, origin...
Then fill it (R,G,B and A values) with a for loop using

Then if I map the data then add it in an actor, would the output volume be a
rgba volume? Indeed, it seems that the color and alpha information are
always passed through the vtk transfer function which I can't use in my

Would this method work and would it be fast enough to create/modify/update a
500*500*100 volume while interacting on different parameters?


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