[vtkusers] Incorrect result of SelectEnclosedPoints?

Roman Grothausmann roman.grothausmann at helmholtz-berlin.de
Thu May 20 10:53:50 EDT 2010

Dear mailing list members,

We've tested vtkSelectEnclosedPoints with two intersecting spheres. The 
mesh of one sphere got distorted some how but it is still a closed mesh. 
We check that with vtkFeatureEdges and all edges are manigfold.
However some points that lie obviously inside are labelled outside (see 
pics). With an undistorted sphere from paraview all is fine.
What could cause this problem?
Is vtkSelectEnclosedPoints inexact under some circumstances?
How can we know if incorrect results could also appear for windowed-sinc 
smoothed discrete marching cubes meshes?

Any help or hints are very much appreciated

Roman Grothausmann

Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie GmbH
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Wolfgang Eberhardt, Dr. Ulrich Breuer
Sitz der Gesellschaft: Berlin
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