[vtkusers] ubuntu 10.04 building vtk 5.6.0

ebeaudoi at ucalgary.ca ebeaudoi at ucalgary.ca
Thu May 6 12:21:21 EDT 2010

> But it still gave some more errors at the end...
> What else am I missing ?

Did you restart the build after installing libxt-dev. I remember that when
I compiled vtk 5.4.2 on ubuntu 9.10 I had to restart the build otherwise
it kept giving me errors that disapeared as soon as I restarted the build.
Assuming you don't have anything important in ~/work/VTK, one easy way to
do this in your case is this:

$ rm -rf ~/work/VTK/

Untar the vtk 5.6.0
Rerun ccmake or cmake the same way you did to prepare the build
The rerun make the same way you did before

You may want to have a look at the steps I took to install 5.4.2 on ubuntu

Another thing that may help:
It used to be the case that we had to run

$ sudo make

instead of

$ make

Running just make gave some errors. You may want to have a look at this:

Hope this helps

Eric Beaudoin

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