[vtkusers] QVTKWidget and setCursor()

Clinton Stimpson clinton at elemtech.com
Wed May 5 09:28:42 EDT 2010

On 05/05/2010 07:11 AM, (Samuel) Byeongjun Park wrote:
> Hi all,
> I found one problem related to mouse cursor.
> I changed mouse cursor using QVTKWidget's setCursor() function which
> is inherited from QWidget.
> It works fine. One interesting thing I found is that VTK 5.0.4 works Okay
> but when I upgraded to VTK5.4.2, somehow mouse cursor return to arrow 
> cursor.
> Both VTK 5.0.4 and 5.4.2 works when I change the mouse cursor using 
> setCursor().
> However, for 5.4.2 when the QVTKWidget window is once hided by other 
> window and
> raised to top, mouse cursor returned to arrow cursor for some 
> QVTKWidgets (not all the time, not all QVTKWidgets).
> It never happen in 5.0.4.
> I compared two versions of QVTKWidget source codes, but there was no 
> significant difference.
> Is there any suggestion where I should dig?
> My system is running Linux 64bit with NVidia GL library.

Perhaps the change in behavior is from vtkXOpenGLRenderWindow.cxx.
I suggest looking at where it calls XDefineCursor() to see if that 
causes your cursor issues.


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