[vtkusers] opening QVTKWidget in Qt

Prathamesh Kulkarni prathameshmkulkarni at gmail.com
Wed Jun 30 11:50:46 EDT 2010

Hello all,

I have built vtk with USE_QT flag on.

I want to create a vtk-Qt hybrid GUI in Qt creator and use the .ui
file in my C++ project.

Now, what I do is:

1. Open a new mainwindow form in Qt Creator
2. Add a QWidget to it and promote it to QVTKWidget

I have the following issues:

1. When run the project, I get the error: Cannot open include file
QVTKWidget.h. Copying this file to the project directories gives me
other such similar errors.

2. I tried to search for libQVTKWidget.dll but did not find one.

3. When I open an example UI file from VTK/.../Examples in Qt Creator,
it runs without any error.

4. Does this have to do anything with debug vs release build of vtk
and/or Qt? I have build both in debug mode.

I have read the related previous topics on the mailing list, but that
did not help me.

I cannot move ahead with developing my application due to this bottleneck.

Any help is appreciated.


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