[vtkusers] vtkPolyDataMapper - Updating (pre-computing) data before adding it to the pipeline

Barth, Sebastian sebastian.barth at iosb.fraunhofer.de
Wed Jun 23 06:33:53 EDT 2010

Hello again vtkusers,

I've a vtkPolyData and a vtkPolyDataMapper, which is using the vtkPolyData as input.
There is no actor on the pipeline that is connected to the vtkPolyDataMapper: The two objects aren't part of the pipeline, yet.

At the earliest when I have connected the vtkPolyDataMapper through any vtkActor to the pipeline and updated it (Update()), the mapper computes its data.

How can I "pre-compute" the data of the mapper to get a faster inclusion into the pipeline?
I need this because of a very big vtkPolyData (Update() needs about two seconds)!

I've tried mapper->Update() before I connect the mapper to the pipeline, but this seems to do nothing until the mapper is not a part of the pipeline.

I'm maybe looking at the wrong thing. Please correct me!

Thanks a lot for your help!

Sebastian Barth

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