[vtkusers] VTKPanel +Swing - repainting issue

Markus Ott ott-markus at t-online.de
Mon Jun 21 12:28:17 EDT 2010

Hello vtkusers!

I'm using VTK within Java. I have a simple layout with a JPanel
containing another information panel on the left side and a vtkPanel on
the right side.

When i'm trying to override paintComponent()-methods of my infoPanel and
call the repaint() method the whole program's visual representation
messes up. I.e. i have only black and grey representations of my gui
elements and vtkPanel isn't usable any more (if i click it i get a

I think it has something to do with mixing lightweight and heavyweight
components within java.

Also the vtkPanel is flickering while resizing the window or if other
programs are on top of it. I think this may be based upon the same problem.

Has anybody an idea what to do?


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