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J.S.Wijnhout at lumc.nl J.S.Wijnhout at lumc.nl
Tue Mar 31 06:30:14 EDT 2009


You solution doesn't work because do you not connect the output of trF to the mapper of the actor. Btw, if you want to apply a user defined transformation matrix to your actor, simply use: vtkActor::SetUserMatrix.




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Hi everybody,

I have an object picked usint VTkpicker....and I can recover its actor. now, I also define a vtkMatrix4x4 which is a rigid transformation matrix.
I want to apply that transformation to the object and I wrote this:

vtkTransform *tr = vtkTransform::New();

        vtkTransformFilter *trF = vtkTransformFilter::New();

where tmpAct is the actor picked by the picker.
So I thought that after refreshing the visualization I should see the object modified, but it doesn't....so where's the trick?

Kind Regards.


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