[vtkusers] VTK Offscreen Rendering

Shari Rolnick shari1 at cs.umbc.edu
Wed Mar 25 21:57:23 EDT 2009

I've been using VTK with mangled Mesa to create offscreen visualizations for
some time, but from glancing through the more recent documentation and
mailing list archives, it looks like that is no longer the preferred method,
but I couldn't figure out how to make offscreen rendering work otherwise.
In addition, it looks like (for example) the vtkAxesActor does not work with
mangled Mesa.  (The actors don't show up in images that are generated
offscreen.)  Could someone either direct me to an example or instructions
for the "right" way to do offscreen rendering now, or tell me how I might
get the vtkAxesActor working with mangled Mesa?




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