[vtkusers] connecting vtkKWImage & vtkKWImageIO to itkFilters

Sergio Aguirre sergio.aguirre at gmail.com
Fri Mar 20 01:10:33 EDT 2009


I am trying to do a simple 2D Dicom series reader and viewer using ITK and

Initially I used the itk GDCM class and successfully read a DICOM series and
using the itk-vtk imoprter and exporter classes was able to connect the
pipelines so that I would write an XML file (VTI) using vtk classes. Then
read the vti file and display it in VTK.

I would prefer to it without writing the XML file. If I use a different than
the vtkXMLwriter class, say vtkImageShifScale or vtkImageViewer2 to catch
the DICOM stack I get a segmentation fault.

Recently I found the vtkKWImage and vtkKWImageIO classes and was successfull
at reading the DICOM files and connecting them to both vtk classes I
mentioned (shifter and viewer).

BUT I don't know if I could use an itk filter (say
itkCurvatureFlowImageFilter) before displaying them since I only found the
"Setfilename" and "Setdirectory" options for the vtkKWImage class.

Can you use vtkKWImage and vtkKWImageIO in combination with itk Filters?

If not, is there an explanation for the segmentation fault I get when not
using the XML writer?

Thank you,

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