[vtkusers] VtkImplicitPlaneWidget doesn't detect tubing selections (left mouse click) [FIXED]

Gerrick Bivins gbivins at objectreservoir.com
Tue Mar 17 17:38:42 EDT 2009

I¹ve fixed this. The edges (tubing) aren¹t being used during picking. I
modified the class in the following way:
1)Allow translating the plane by setting the ivar ³TranslateByTubing²
2) If ³TranslateByTubing² is on, ³Tubing² is turned on (if it isn¹t already)
and the ³EdgeActor² added to the pick list. If ³TranslateByTubing² is turned
off, ³EdgeActor² is removed from the pick list, ³Tubing² is left unmodified.
3) During ³OnLeftMouseDown², check if ³TranslateByTubing² is on and
³EdgesActor² is the picked prop. If true highlight the plane and set the
state to pushing.

Anyway, I have the patch for this but there is a previous patch that hasn¹t
been merged into the trunk yet on the same class:

Patch is in this bug...note that this patch also contains the fixes for the
previous bug since it hadn¹t been checked in yet.

On 3/17/09 2:56 PM, "Gerrick Bivins" <gbivins at objectreservoir.com> wrote:

> Hi All,
> I¹m am trying to understand why in some instances, selection of the plane
> tubing doesn¹t work. The case I¹ve narrowed it down to is basically when
> viewing the model directly down an axis,
> for instance looking at  model from the top.
> Adding a slice and then trying to translate the slice rotates the model
> because the click doesn¹t select the plane tubing.
> Rotating the model slightly (really, very slightly but the view is not top
> down anymore), allows me to pick the plane. This occurs from any view if it is
> directly down an axis (z,y or x).
> I¹d like to be able to place the slice parallel to some features in our model
> which can be easily verified in a top down view.
> This can be replicated in Paraview using a sphere source and adding a slice
> plane.
> Is this a bug or is there some setting on the implicit plane widget that I¹m
> missing?
> Gerrick
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