[vtkusers] VtkImplicitPlaneWidget doesn't detect tubing selections (left mouse click)

Gerrick Bivins gbivins at objectreservoir.com
Tue Mar 17 15:56:53 EDT 2009

Hi All,
I¹m am trying to understand why in some instances, selection of the plane
tubing doesn¹t work. The case I¹ve narrowed it down to is basically when
viewing the model directly down an axis,
for instance looking at  model from the top.
Adding a slice and then trying to translate the slice rotates the model
because the click doesn¹t select the plane tubing.
Rotating the model slightly (really, very slightly but the view is not top
down anymore), allows me to pick the plane. This occurs from any view if it
is directly down an axis (z,y or x).

I¹d like to be able to place the slice parallel to some features in our
model which can be easily verified in a top down view.

This can be replicated in Paraview using a sphere source and adding a slice
Is this a bug or is there some setting on the implicit plane widget that I¹m
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