[vtkusers] Can I get the coordinate of all the points from a 2D actor?

Peter F Bradshaw pfb at exadios.com
Tue Nov 25 11:10:24 EST 2008

Hi Liang Ma;

You do not say what the form of the 3D data is - I'm assuming it is
PolyData. Have you looked at vtkContourFilter? I think this is what you
want. In order to get the points of the contour you can use
vtkPolyDataWriter to write the data to a file or string.

On Mon, 24 Nov 2008, Liang Ma wrote:

> Hi,
> I had a problem when I tried to overlay a 2D actor on a video. I did the video via Direcrtshow, and I also have a function to draw point on the video. I want to draw a contour of tumor on the video. The contour is cut from a 3D model of the tumor using vtkcutter. I tried to draw the contour and the video on the the same item, but the result is not good. If I can get the coordinate of all the point in the contour, then I can draw the contour in the Directshow. That would be the best way.
> I did not know if I can do it and how to do it. If you have some ideas on it. Whould you please give me some advices? Thank you so much.
> I also tried do the video in VTK. It is another story. I wll share with you later.
> Best Regards
> Liang Ma


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