[vtkusers] Active Scalars and composite Pipeline

Benjamin Schindler bschindler at student.ethz.ch
Wed Nov 12 11:03:04 EST 2008


I've got two Problems I wasn't able to solve myself:
- When I load an ensight dataset in paraview, apply a filter (which I 
coded myself, gives back a structuredGrid), I can select which variable 
should get visualized without doing the whole computation again. How can 
I do that in c++ code? I tried using the output of my filter and setting 
an active var, but it did not work.
- the ensightreader gives back a multiblockdataset with just one block. 
Now in my filter I can extract that block, but I notice that paraview 
itself does a lot of magic and I can apply a standard 
vtkdatasetalgorithm to the ensightreader. How can I code this without 
extracting the multiblock part in my filter?


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