[vtkusers] merge Filters

Dominik Szczerba dominik at itis.ethz.ch
Wed Nov 12 04:05:40 EST 2008

In vtkDataArray family there is a method SetArray (or SetData, don't 
remember) that takes over the pointer to existing buffer. This is 
probably what you want here. Still there is an issue with the ordering 
(row- or column-wise) - you will have to conform to VTK's row-major style.


Benjamin Schindler wrote:
> Hi
> I've got the issue that vector data channels are provided as single 
> floats (1 channel each component). So I would like to write a filter 
> which merges the these three data channel into a vector data channel. 
> Now since I never should modify the input data in a filter, I'd have to 
> copy the entire data just for the merge which is a lot of memory in case 
> of large data files. Is there a way to circumvent this? (Like using the 
> same array for all other data channels I get for the input in the output?)
> Thanks
> Benjamin
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